Apple’s iOS App Store spotlights the selfie

Apple’s iOS App Store spotlights the selfie

selfie appsWant to put your best face forward? Apple is here to help with a new section of its App Store devoted exclusively to, well, selfie photo apps.

The Sharing Selfies section, revealed in a tweet by MacStories’ Federico Fiticci, is visible on both the iOS app’s Featured Categories page and on the desktop iTunes Store iPhone tab

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There, you’ll find a selection of 12 selfie photo apps ranging from the familiar Snapchat to the free Selfie Cam, Samba Video Messaging, FrontFlash for low-light shots ($1.99), Facetune ($2.99), and more.

Last year, the term “Selfie” gained fame as Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year, so it’s only fitting that the App Store acknowledge the selfie phenomenon in its own inimitable way.

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