The Outdoor Man: 5 Fascinating Techy Ways to Live Wild and Free

The Outdoor Man: 5 Fascinating Techy Ways to Live Wild and Free

There is truth to the adage that ‘beautiful outdoor scenery is a soothing balm for the soul’ and it is a fact that every lover of nature can attest to. But as with all things, there are a select number of individuals who believe nature’s soothing balms can also be enhanced with an item or two to help ease them into outdoor living and this article is dedicated to taking care of their sensibilities.

Today, an attempt will be made to provide you with some fascinating tech items designed to help the ‘semi-outdoor’ lover ease into his role without having any pining feelings to return indoors. And as the topic suggests, these items all fall under the tech niche but cut across diverse aspects of life such as entertainment, energy and basic survival. And here they are…

1. Relax with an Outdoor Recliner

The fact that you are outdoors does not mean that you must compromise on comfort. In fact, having a good relaxation spot will help just about anyone get into his or her comfort zone faster. Therefore, a good relaxation recliner will do its best in serving the above purpose but a tech enhanced recliner like the GCI Wilderness recliner will even serve you better. Recliners like this comes with patented back comfort technology developed to allow the back of your chair respond to the pressure you put on it when you need a more inclined resting surface.

Other recliners also incorporate auto-fold shoulder technology that ensures the recliner folds itself if set and once you lift your body weight away from it.

2. Grill using Grilling Technology

Can one truly spend time outdoors without grilling a piece of meat to take away the edge of hunger? I think the answer is no and that is why grilling has become a tradition with every outdoor foray. We all know how grilling works and without a catalyst to provide fire, the day will definitely be ruined. Therefore, instead of logging match sticks around in your pockets which are susceptible to getting ruined, the Looftlighter can serve your lighting needs regardless of weather conditions. This device is a hand held wand that makes use of heated air and some energy to get your meat roasting. You can also download the iGrill Mini app which uses a probe to help you check your grills temperature while it is cooking.

3. Power-up with a Power Bank

Mobile phones are communication devices that have come to stay and almost no one can do without when relaxing outdoors, going camping. Mountain climbing or hunting. But there is a problem. These devices all work with batteries which gets drained after a period of time and this is where the power bank comes in. There are multiple types of power banks out there differentiated by their energy holding capacity. This makes it easy for you to choose one and stay juiced up when on an outdoor mission.

4. Entertain Your Family with an Outdoor Screen

While camping or outdoor relaxation activities may prove spiritually soothing to adults, kids rarely feel the same and may end up bored after a couple of hours. If as a parent, you have often found yourself saddled down with restless kids while camping, do not despair for the outdoor movie screen has come to rescue you and your family. These screens are outdoor projectors with supporting edges to provide enough shade to keep out sunlight. Interestingly, you can hook up video game consoles and other media playing devices to watch any entertaining piece that fits the general mood of your family members.

5. Dance to Water Proof Bluetooth Speakers

And for those who love dancing in the rain, water proof speakers are a way to get your groove on by simply connecting a mobile device via Bluetooth and get your songs playing. The waterproof nature of these devices make them immune to weather elements and a great tech device for outdoor fun.

So here we come to the end of the top 5 fascinating tech items I believe have the ability to spice up outdoor living. These devices are all family-friendly which also makes them the perfect gifts for loved ones willing to live on the wild side.

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