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  • Insurance firms need to worry about social media

    While it is fairly clear why many retail and consumer-oriented companies need to worry about utilizing social media, even atypical consumer-oriented companies, such as insurance firms, need to maintain a social media presence. Recently, a wave of “insurtech,” or insurance technology, ...

  • It's time to take back ownership of our digital identities

    Our online identities are hidden behind the walled gardens of centralized services. Blockchain provides an alternative that will help us regain control and ownership of our digital lives.

  • The ultimate plain-English guide to Bitcoin forks

    It looks like, in the last few months, Bitcoin has made friends with forking. When I wrote about Bitcoin forking the last time, I didn’t expect there would be this many so soon. But hey, here we are, trying to make sense of what the hell is happening in the crypto world. With ...

  • Dropbox really screwed up its new design

    We all know something is awfully wrong with the new Dropbox design, a design Dropbox says it’s the biggest change to the Dropbox brand in their 10-year history (might not necessarily be the best). In this post, I attempt to simplify where Dropbox went wrong and why all the ...

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