An Emerging Interest of Animation in Online Streaming

An Emerging Interest of Animation in Online Streaming
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After considerable success of illegal online streaming of movies and TV shows, it seems that popularity of online streaming is catching up with children content. Several sites have gained more and more users looking for animation downloads and online streaming, particularly for the popular TV series. In response, users can now access gigantic databases with their favorite animation series and movies, for free and in assorted languages. As the adults focus on the box office movies and popular TV shows, the web is not leaving the young behind. The new age is transforming access to high quality entertainment for the new generation, too.

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Unique to these sites in extremely easy user interfaces, language-based search options, and user-responsive feedback that is extremely suitable for children. They are easily accessible whether on a mobile device of a desktop computer. This explains why a simple Google search on animation movies or series (most popularly shortened to the ‘anime’ phase) now yields thousands of sites offering both download and online streaming. The question is whether the trend has been triggered by availability of online streaming and downloads, or by genre-specific interests.

Concerns on the Risk of Exposure

Regardless of the convenience and appropriateness of such sites, not mentioning the ethical debate around them, there is a cause for concern. Online anime sites are just as accessible as sites that would be extremely harmful to a young child. The child might be given free access to animated cartoons, but in the process gain access to inappropriate sites without adequate supervision. The child may soon learn how to browse though online gaming sites and pornographic context in the same way they access anime-streaming sites.

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That is not all. It is easier to control the time a child spends in front of a TV screen. Their screen time if often managed in a manner that does not victimize their studies, obligated tasks, social bonding, and extra curriculum activities. The problem of online anime sites however, is their accessibility via mobile phone at any time, any day, and from any location. The child can easily switch from completing homework while in his room, to follow up on a favoritism anime series from a tablet or mobile phone. This adds to the necessity of supervision, monitoring, and guided advice.

How to Choose an Online Streaming Site and Content

The foregoing risks are however manageable, with strategy and effort. Unfortunately, even then, the danger is not over. The new trend of anime content in online streaming and downloads may have been triggered by the availability of online, or by genre-specific interests. This triggers an even greater concern since not all the content available is appropriate for a young audience. While some databases offer comprehensive access traditional anime series, Japanese anime series, anime movies, and anime cartoons among other choices, so too do some of these databases offer animated content only ideal for an adult audience.

As such, while you should not deny your child access to the new wave of online streaming and downloading of animated entertainment, so too must you ensure that they access the appropriate content. Not all content available for entertainment is suitable for your child. The list below will highlight the factors you should consider when choosing the appropriate anime content your child watches, as well as the ideal online streaming site you can trust for such content. These include:

  • The search function on the site should have exclusive search options such as year of production, language, and region of origin
  • To overcome possible audio barriers, the content should have dubbed anime of the suitable language as part of the content (rather than have to download subtitles)
  • Have a specific age rating for the ideal audience, to match with your child’s
  • Provide the best possible visual quality without undue screen exposure

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  • Focus on the education value of the content besides its entertaining features, and focus on educating the young mind as proposed by leading psychologists
  • Determine the best way to reduce expenses, if any, while getting the best available quality
  • Select sites to which you can restrict or even ban access to from a mobile device either because of time allocation or content restrictions
  • Read through a few online reviews the users have given certain sites and make an informed decision
  • Always focus on the diversity and size of database you access from a specific site for online anime content
  • Finally, spend some moments with your child as you watch selected anime content, once in a while


he Information Age is transforming traditional access to entertainment. Granting wide access alongside selective options may be an advantage, but also a cause of concern. The emerging trend of animation in online streaming may be courtesy of increased access and availability, or increased interests of animation content. Regardless of which is the causative reason, you must always remember that the primary audience of animated content is the young. Always prioritize keeping your child safe. As the new trend takes shape, it is important that you pay keen attention to the content your child access, and how. Ensure that online streaming of anime benefits rather than ruins your child.

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