Heinz will let you eat Stories Ads on Instagram. Seriously.


Some days ago, the business intelligence firm L2 revealed that brands are posting more stories on Instagram than Snapchat. But now, seems that Heinz and Facebook Creative Shop are taking stories to the next level.

As part of a quick experiment with sponsored stories, they’ve found a solution to let people eat the so called food porn. The “Irresistible posts” was a 2 hours campaign in Sao Paulo, Brazil, using geolocated Stories Ads to give away burgers prepared by local restaurants.

People impacted by local-sponsored stories just had to swipe up and claim the photo. Then, packings inspired by Instagram posts and fancy burgers were promptly delivered.

For good or for ill, it’s definitely a good reason to not skip Ads and keep checking your stories. And quit Snapchat.

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