Our best ticket offer yet


To celebrate Huawei helping to put AI on our stage this year by sponsoring our new Machine:Learners track, we’re helping to put AI in your hands.

You heard that right. Buy a P20 Pass for TNW Conference, and secure full access to all of our content on May 24 & 25, as well as a P20 phone: Huawei’s new AI-powered, Leica double camera smartphone.



A new AI assisted camera

Experience the power of AI with the Kirin 970 Neural Network Processing Unit. With outstanding battery life and superior speed, the P20 is a leap forward for the P series.

And with the phones AI-powered double camera, developed in partnership with Leica, it’s the perfect device for capturing the spectacular production values of our 360-degree main stage: the home of our Machine:Learners track


Here's how it works

  • Buy your TNW ticket

    Buy your P20 pass for €799 to secure full access to TNW content + a Huawei P20 phone

  • Visit the Huawei stand

    Pick up your phone from the Huawei stand at TNW Conference

  • Explore AI

    Explore your new AI-assisted phone and our AI conference track, Machine:Learners

The Huawei P20 Pass


  • Full access to TNW Conference on May 24 & 25
  • A Huawei P20 phone
  • Access to Machine learners track and 18 others
  • Access to networking and chat app
  • Access to exhibition floor
  • And a lot more...

Meet the machine-learning experts

Just some of the speakers joining us for Machine:Learners at TNW Conference this year


Here's what we'll be exploring on the Machine:Learners stage.
  • DystopAI or UtopAI

    With AI advancing at a rapid rate, we will soon approach a fork in the road of technological advancement. Dystopia or Utopia, which will we choose? Machine:Learners will explore how these two disparate futures could look, and what needs to be done to take control of our own fate.

  • If AI is the answer, what is the question?

    How do you know if your project is ripe for an AI solution? We’ll explore the greatest misconceptions about AI, machine learning and deep learning, providing you with a framework for asking the right questions to validate the application of AI to your problem.

  • Human intelligence and hiring the right people

    What does a successful AI team look like? Which experts are needed to launch a deep-learning project? Hiring the right people for artificial intelligence is still very much a human problem. Learn how to futureproof your company with AI by recruiting the right minds.

  • Machine learning in the workplace

    Machine learning can be applied to a huge variety of organizations, and used to benefit our work as a whole. Here speakers explore what you can do to prepare your workforce for the future and use AI to support our work rather than replace it.

  • ​Personal robots and virtual assistants​

    Whilst AI is assisting us in our personal and professional lives, we need to be conscious of how far we take it. Expect to walk away with life hacks on keeping your brain sharp, managing the ubiquitous nature of AI and how to effectively outsource tasks to AI.

  • Changing jobs and industries

    Industries are already transforming at a rapid rate. Here we take a look at the future of industries and what the jobs of the future look like and skills we need for them.

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