The heart of tech is coming to the heart of the Mediterranean. Join TNW in València this March 🇪🇸

June 16 and 17 · Amsterdam

Tech & Money

Reshaping future of money

Reshaping future of money

Is social media enabling the disruption of capital markets or reinforcing the skeptics? How is Web3 revolutionizing the creator economy? And what do we need to do to make the future of digital assets a reality?

Join us at Tech & Money to uncover all things finance. Explore what latest tech is disrupting and transforming payments, currency, transactions, and fiscal equity, and get a deeper understanding of the trends that are emerging in digital banking, fintech, and more.

We’ll welcome Founders, C-level executives, and other top-notch experts from the world’s most money-wise brands.

Session spotlight

Here is just a selection of talks that will be shared on stage.

  • Open banking prospects remain high but take up remains slow. A building block to open finance, its moderate progress is hindering making this a reality, where data from all areas of finance such as pensions and mortgages to be shared on an open data economy. This discussion will look at what open banking means for consumers, its shortfalls and how technology will evolve in the future. What does open banking mean for consumers and how will they benefit from it? Why is open banking falling short of expectations? Will an open finance economy ever become a reality?

  • With the prospect of a cashless society soon to be a reality for many, uncertainty about what this means for consumers is creeping in as millions of people still rely on cash. It sparks concerns about how financially inclusive digital banking really is. What does a cashless society look like? How would this impact financial inclusion and what is the role of governments and central banks in ensuring people are not left behind? How close are we to becoming cashless?

  • NFTs, blockchain, and Metaverse strategy: is your business really benefiting from it? Linus will take us on a journey through the rise of the web 3.0 trend and why you should not necessarily follow the hype.

Who is this event for?

Who is this event for?

Our thought-provoking sessions and workshops resonate with a wide range of audiences. Tech & Money sessions are aimed at high-ranking Founders, Corporate Executives, and Product Developers who are interested in understanding how technology will continue to disrupt all things money.

Learn from the pioneers who are shaping the future of our financial ecosystem, including Solution Providers in FinTech, Crypto, and Web3, Investors, and many more.