The TNW Experience

Bond. Learn. Enjoy.

If you ask us, awaydays shouldn’t feel like just another day at the office. At TNW Conference you’ll get to enjoy a tech conference with the production quality of a music festival. We offer great content, awesome performances and good food. 

At the same time it’s your chance to discover everything Amsterdam has to offer, including our well  known afterparty. Our group deals also include team building activities, both on the conference venue and outside.

Team building & Networking


For awaydays, we offer customised group packages, including 2-day tickets to TNW Conference and multiple team building activities. You could choose from private events for just your team, or activities where you’re able to meet others and network at the same time.

Depending on the size of your group, hosting your team awayday at TNW Conference comes with some awesome exclusive perks. Personal phone support for your group, having your team photo taken on main stage by our official photographer, a curated content schedule according to your interests - to name just a few.


Jack Constantine

CDO, Lush Digital
Jack Constantine

TNW Conference is not a conference, it's the highlight of the year. Jam packed full of insightful perspectives from well curated inspirational speakers. I'm always excited to see what's in store for my team.

Entertainment program


By joining our group deals, you will also receive access to our epic opening party and after party. On top of that, you can choose from the following perks to add to your package:

- Breakfast with your team to kick off the conference
- A private boardroom to host meetings with your team or clients at the venue
- Have a photography/film crew follow your team to capture your team outing at the conference
- A private boat tour around Amsterdam's famous canals including catering
- Dinner with your team to unwind after the conference


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