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Your talent, recognized
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Your talent, recognized

Once again we are searching for the top 500 most talented people under the age of 30!

The T500 is TNW’s curated list of exceptional individuals in the space of product (design), developing and engineering, sales and marketing, academia and research, and media.

The list is dedicated to celebrating these talents and allowing them to indulge in everything that the digital tech industry has to offer as well as a year-round program full of exciting events and multiple touch-points — like TNW Conference, Talent Sessions, and Deep Dives.

This year we have received an overwhelming number of applications that a panel of judges is now in the process of carefully reviewing based on the following criteria: relevant work experience, side projects, education, personal accomplishments, and your personal webpage, to find the best candidates.

The application deadline is already closed, but be sure to stay connected with us as we will be announcing great news soon! The T500 program is a great opportunity to connect with some of the most talented individuals in the digital tech industry, you don't wanna miss it!

Talents will receive an email on February 6 saying if they made it onto the list or not.

T500 Perks

  • 🎪

    TNW Conference 2023

    Get your pass to Europe's leading tech conference, where industry leaders and tech enthusiasts explore what's next in tech.
  • 🧠

    Deep dives

    These are smaller, more personal seminars or events consisting of 30 to 50 people that cover subjects of interest to either a specific audience or the whole T500 group.
  • 🤝

    Talent sessions

    Take part in intimate ten people roundtable sessions hosted by an industry expert or role model. During these events, the host will share their knowledge, expertise, and best practices.
  • 🥂

    T500 Celebration Night

    Join us for a night of celebration at TNW City! We’ll share a drink (or three), and network with each other and our partners. There might also be time to show the DJ your best dance moves.
  • 🏅

    Nationwide recognition

    Inclusion onto T500 comes with a certificate and a social card, helping you share the fact you are one of the top 500 digital minds in the Netherlands!
  • 🗣️

    Networks & Personal Brand

    Every year we connect 500 digital talents and give them a stage to network. We offer multiple touchpoints throughout the year, to create more meaningful connections than ever before.
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Recommend a friend!

If you know someone who’d be perfect for the T500 and should make it onto the list, please submit them via the link below. This feature has closed for this year's T500.