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TNW for Startups

Meetings, Pitch, Demo, Coffee, Repeat

June 15 and 16, 2023 · Amsterdam

Where Startups Scale
TNW Conference 2023 • Amsterdam

Where Startups Scale

Grow, scale and generate visibility for your business through the TNW Startup Program at Europe’s biggest tech conference! Showcase your startup in front of investors, change-makers and potential customers with our Bootstrap and Scale-up packages.

Booths are now available in limited quantities.

Secure your presence
Elevate your game

Secure your presence

If you are actively looking to raise funding, grow your business, or build brand awareness, be sure to join TNW for Startups for optimal exposure to customers, investors, and media.

We're inviting all verified startups that meet the following criteria to join TNW for Startups:

  • Has been founded between 2015-2023
  • Currently employs under 100 people
  • Builds and markets software/hardware products

When you purchase a TNW for Startups package, you get access to 3 business passes, the possibility to participate in a Pitch Battle, and elevated access to investors.

Do you have what it takes?
Pitch Battle Competition

Do you have what it takes?

Join the TNW for Startups program and you’ll be eligible to compete in our Pitch Battle Competition.

Your pitch deck will be reviewed by a jury of sponsors and investors, and if your business idea has what it takes, you’ll get the opportunity to pitch on stage in front of media, investors, industry experts, and TNW's audience. Plus, shortlisted startups will be announced exclusively in a press release!

The judges will evaluate pitches on investment readiness, innovative market opportunity, the strength of the business concept/model, and the overall wow factor.

We have two Pitch Battle categories: Bootstrap for seed and early-stage startups, and Scale-up for emerging and growth-stage startups.

Meet TNW Conference 2022 Pitch Battle Winner