June 16 and 17 · Amsterdam


Navigate the future of multimodal mobility

Navigate the future of multimodal mobility


Which collaborations do we need to make a mashup between mobility and the Internet of Things happen? What do the international green legislations mean for the mobility sector? And what will the next moonshot be?

Join us at Shift to explore the latest trends in next-gen mobility infrastructure, uncover the partnership opportunities created by the digitization of transport, and gain a deeper understanding of the role smart cities, investors, and startups will play to create a greener and more electrified world.

Sessions will feature leading urban designers and green mobility experts from the world’s fastest brands.

Session spotlight

Here is just a selection of talks that will be shared on stage.

  • Featuring perspectives from different industries, this panel will explore the challenges of creating sustainable growth while operating in a circular economy, staying true to your brand and your customers at the same time.

  • Forget the next frontier. History-making breakthroughs in transportation are local.

Who is this event for?

Who is this event for?

Our thought-provoking sessions and workshops resonate with a wide range of audiences. Shift sessions are aimed at prominent policymakers, OEM manufacturers, and general mobility enthusiasts.

The talks will help you bridge the gap between policymakers and industry to transform smart cities.

Expect to mingle with Founders, C-Level Execs, Heads of Product, Micro-Mobility and IoT Companies, Heads of Transport, Heads of Sustainability, Investors, Local and Federal Government Officials from Smart Cities, and many more.