Recycle with Seenons

Don't waste the future!

Together for a waste-free world

Together for a waste-free world

Recycling at TNW Conference

Together with our partner Seenons, we will give your waste a second life! At the two food courts at TNW Conference, there will be recycle hubs where you can easily hand in your food waste, plastic, glass, paper, and residual waste.

Across the event area, you will also find special bins that make it possible to separate coffee cups, plastic cups, paper, and residual waste!

Seenons is a tech company founded in 2019 with a mission to bring people together for a waste-free world. They use clean technology and smart logistics to make sure everyone in the waste chain helps save waste valuable raw materials!



Our partner in crime

The Seenons platform and supporting app ensure that the waste we collect during our event is taken away in the most efficient and sustainable way, utilizing the existing transport network for maximum efficiency, less traffic, and reducing CO2 emissions.

The waste is matched with a waste processor that upcycles it into new circular products.

That way, we save valuable materials, before they are lost forever.