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What to expect

Change the game

Technology is advancing every aspect of our daily lives, and inevitably sports will be no exception. The Offside track exhibits the latest technology to rapidly change and diversify the sports industry. The real question is: how will we interact with sports in the future?

Offside welcomes a broad audience of sports enthusiasts including sports fans, gym junkies, and eSports gamers, as well as athletes, game designers, and tech companies in the sports arena. We’ll be discussing how technology is changing the game - and creating new ones.


Here's what we'll be exploring on the Offside stage
  • Emergence of the cyborg athlete

    As wearable technology advances, the opportunities for superior strength and agility will also grow. At Offside, we’ll take a look at the ways cyborg implants and wearables will change the game, and how athletes train.

  • Power to the player

    Sports athletes are finding more channels to connect directly with their fans. They can raise their voice and share their beliefs directly with their audiences. We’ll discuss how athletes can make an even greater direct impact in the future, whether it be for reputation, advertising, or the benefit of society.

  • Living the game

    With new tech such as VR, the way fans consume sports is becoming more immersive. At Offside, speakers will showcase the future of sports consumption at home, and how immersive personal engagement will change the game.

  • eSports & the digital athlete

    Merging video games with the realm of sports has created a huge new industry: eSports. Offering high engagement and innovation, eSports are disrupting the industry. Offside delves into the implications this will have on traditional sports and consumption.

  • Revolution of T-Sports

    Superior advancements in technology have lead the industry into uncharted territory. With more immersion, the birthing of new sports is an exciting prospect. We’ll talk about what these sports may look like, and how we’ll engage with them in the future.

  • Stadiums of the future

    Fans come to the stadiums to have all of their senses stimulated - the smell of cut grass, the sight of their sports idol in the flesh, the taste of beer and the warm sun on their face. How far can we go in creating an even better fan experience? The intersection of technology and architecture will amplify senses into a whole new realm.

The Experts of Sports

Here are the first names announced for Offside. More to come soon!


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