June 16 and 17 · Amsterdam


Get the lowdown on the next frontier of computing

Get the lowdown on the next frontier of computing


What role does the private sector play in developing the next stage of hybrid computing? And how can you deploy AI/ML to gain a competitive advantage and drive new business?

Take a deep dive into the world of robotics, and everything in between. Our Neural-themed sessions will dissect the ways in which AI will reshape our businesses and societies. Discover the positive and negative side of machine learning, explore the future of the creator economy, and what tech companies, governments, and individuals can do to prevent amplifying biases.

We’ll welcome tech gurus specialized in robotics, CTOs, Chief AI Officers, and other authorities from the world’s biggest corporations, including IBM, Google, and more!

Session spotlight

Here is just a selection of talks that will be shared on stage.

  • Seth is an industry-recognized trailblazer of AI innovations and will talk about inclusive AI, AI for Good, and what human-centered AI design means in practice - among other topics. He plans to talk about how he’s leading the adoption of a human-centered approach to AI within IBM, fundamentally changing every area of the company, what key lessons can be applied to companies - big or small - and where the opportunities are for new technology developments in this space.

  • Fun fact: did you know Vibranium sand in Black Panther is actually based on real-life existing technology? Emmy-award-winning chief creative at Perception, John LePore, creates fictional gadgets and tech in blockbuster films, like Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok and The Avengers, and for brands like SpaceX and Audi. He’s joining us on stage to talk about bridging science-fiction with science fact, and how to solve problems and create imaginative, plausible, and positive futures with tech.

  • From automating processes and decision-making to improved forecasting, risk mitigation, and fraud detection - AI is disrupting the provision of financial services. But how will AI come to shape the financial industry as technology becomes increasingly commonplace? What sort of regulatory frameworks will emerge as a response to its progressive adoption? Join us in this panel to find out!

Who is this event for?

Who is this event for?

Our thought-provoking sessions and workshops resonate with a wide range of audiences. Neural sessions are aimed at major-league AI/ML experts, CIOs, and data professionals in business and government.

We’ll break down the future of computing with fresh new insights from industry experts.

Rub shoulders with Data Ethics Advocates, C-level Execs, Heads of Machine Learning, Heads of Privacy and Ethics, and many more.