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Your guide to TNW2020

This year TNW2020 is completely online, so we designed our app to be your trusty sidekick for an online-only TNW experience.

Need to go for a walk or grab some coffee around the corner but don't want to miss a session? No problem. Set up your personal schedule to receive notifications when your most anticipated sessions are coming up!

Can't sit behind your laptop all day? We've got you covered. Continue setting up important meetings on the go with our networking features, integrated directly into the chat!


Discover relevant connections

Explore our attendee list, filter on goals or search according to location, job title, keywords and more.

Once you’ve found a relevant connection, start a conversation in chat or send a meeting request straight away.

  1. How do I build my personal schedule? 📆

    Navigate to the schedule screen to explore all the sessions. See one you like? Hit the bookmark icon to add it to your itinerary. You'll find all your bookmarked sessions under My Plan.

  2. Why can't I do anything with meetings? 🤝

    Knowledge Pass holders do not have access to the networking features in the app. You can get access to these features by purchasing an upgrade to the Business Pass directly from the app, and start scheduling meetings right away!

  3. How can other attendees find my profile? 🔍

    It's important to make sure your profile is as complete as possible. If you left out some fields during onboarding, you can edit your profile by hitting your portrait in the top right of your screen, and navigating to My Profile.

    Important fields to keep in mind are your Name, Company name, Job title, Headline, and Summary. Using common phrases, like "Front-end Developer @ TNW", makes it easier for potential connections to find you.

    Don't forget to check off a few reasons why you're attending TNW2020. These goal-oriented statements can be used as filters for others to find you.

  4. How do I find other people? 🔎

    In the People screen, under the Discover tab, you can scroll through all the other people on the app.

    Want to get a little more specific? Hit the magnifying glass to start searching by name, job title, company or keyword.

    Not sure where to start? Hit the filter icon and choose from a variety of networking goals to filter other attendees, then further narrow it down with keywords in the search bar.

  5. How do I set up a meeting? 📇

    Meeting requests can be sent from another attendee's profile using the Request Meeting button, or directly from the chat using the actions menu.

  6. How do I manage my meetings? 📝

    All your meetings can be seen and managed from your Meetings screen. At the top you'll see all your pending and accepted requests, below the cancelled and declined requests.

    To change a meeting time, simply tap a meeting, and hit Edit. Make your adjustments, and hit Save. A message will be sent in chat to your meeting counterpart to let them know.

    From the Edit menu you can also cancel a meeting. Careful, you can't revoke a cancellation. However, you can send a new meeting request to the same person if needed.

  7. I'm too popular and all the notifications are annoying. How do I turn them off? 🔉

    Options to turn off notifications for meeting requests and chat can be found in the My Profile screen.

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