The Concept

Where music meets technology

MassiveMusic, Spinnin' Records and TNW are delighted to present Music Summit, an entirely new and specially curated three hour program that will take place on the second day of TNW Conference 2017 in the Dome.

It's no mystery that music and tech have always gone hand in hand, now more than ever. Enlisting a unique combination of tech legends and music pioneers, the Music Summit will aim to inspire decision makers, industry leaders and creatives with stories born at the intersection of music and technology. 

The program’s line-up includes Hardwell (DJ, record producer), Molly Neuman (Head of Music, Kickstarter), Colin Benders (Musician, Composer and Producer), Poppy Crum (Chief Scientist, Dolby Labs), Henry Daw (UI/UX Sound Specialist), and Meindert Kennis (CMO, Spinnin' Records). They will each be imparting key insights on how brands, advertisers and creatives from their respective fields can harness the power of sound and music through the latest trends in technology. Besides inspiration and entertainment, the program is also meant to highlight the importance of music, key to brand consistency and crucial for brands who are trying to cut through the noise emotionally.



14:25 – Opening with Hans Brouwer 

14:30 – DJ Hardwell: on growth hacking in the music industry and how it helped him propel his career forward in the digital era.

14:55 – Henry Daw: on the craftsmanship behind good UX and UI sound design.

15:20 – Poppy Crum: on the neuroscience of sound.

15:45 – Meindert  Kennis: on the ways in which technology is (de)centralizing music.

16:05 – Break

16:20 – Molly Neuman: on a new way forward for the music business. 

16:55 – Colin Benders: on his life's work with the modular analog synthesizer. The intersection of music and tech at work.


  • Molly Neuman

    Molly Neuman

    Head of Music Kickstarter

  • Poppy Crum

    Poppy Crum

    Chief Scientist Dolby Labs

  • Henry Daw

    Henry Daw

    UI/UX Sound Specialist

  • Hardwell


    DJ & Producer

  • Meindert Kennis

    Meindert Kennis

    CMO Spinnin Records

  • Colin Benders

    Colin Benders

    Musician, Composer & Producer

  • Hans Brouwer

    Hans Brouwer

    Founder & CEO MassiveMusic

  • Jessica Perri

    Jessica Perri

    Head of Strategy WE ARE Pi

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