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In the past ten years, TNW Conference has grown into one of Europe’s most prominent events for investors to discover new startups. Last year, more than 700 investors from over 300 venture capital funds attended, resulting in 3,800 pre-booked meetings with startups.



Pre-event matchmaking

As an investor, meeting startups and other VCs are the top two reasons for attending TNW Conference – so we're providing you with curated startup matchmaking tailored to your market interests, expertise and fund size.

To do this, we combine our best in-class event scheduling platform with incredibly enriched company data, provided by index.co. It seems to work: last year, meetings organised via the platform received some of the highest satisfaction ratings ever recorded at a European event.

For 2018 we're expecting 700+ startups and 15,000 attendees, all available in our next generation matchmaking and networking application, before you've even arrived. 


Curated Startup Pitches

Thanks to our dedicated pitching stage, it's easy for you to uncover the unique strengths and needs of companies that fit your expertise. Pitching is split into 8 core verticals:

1. Machine Learners: AI (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) & Big Bata
2. Hard Fork: Blockchain & Crypto
3. Future of Work: IoT, Smart Cities, Mobility
4. Boardroom: Saas & Enterprise Technologies
5. Marketing2020: Media, Marketing & Adtech
6. Mixed Realities: VR & AR
7. Marketplace: E-commerce & Retail
8. Project You: Health & LifeStyle


Previous Investors

Here are some of the investor companies that joined our previous conferences.

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Investors 2018

Have a look at some of the investors who already purchased their tickets for May 24 & 25.

  • Tim Draper

    Tim Draper

    Founder, Managing Director DFJ

  • Alexis Ohanian

    Alexis Ohanian

    Co-founder, General Partner Initialized Capital

  • Connor Murphy

    Connor Murphy

    Managing Director Techstars

  • Michael Chou

    Michael Chou

    Managing Partner Day View Capital

  • Matthew Weigand

    Matthew Weigand

    Principal Accel Partners

  • Nick Grossman

    Nick Grossman

    GM, Special Projects Union Square Ventures

  • Paul Szurek

    Paul Szurek

    Vice President Insight Venture Partners

  • Tomas Bennich

    Tomas Bennich

    Venture Partner Northzone

  • Peter Fenton

    Peter Fenton

    General Partner Benchmark

  • Ben Blume

    Ben Blume

    Principal Atomico

  • Isabel Bescos

    Isabel Bescos

    Associate Balderton Capital

  • Joyce Liu

    Joyce Liu

    Principal Dawn Capital

  • Sebastien Lieb

    Sebastien Lieb

    Director of Investments Holtzbrinck Digital

  • Tom Henriksson

    Tom Henriksson

    Partner OpenOcean

  • Bjarke Staun-Olsen

    Bjarke Staun-Olsen

    Principal Creandum

  • Marc Wesselink

    Marc Wesselink

    Managing Partner Startupbootcamp

  • Jo Bertram

    Jo Bertram

    Executive in Residence EQT Ventures

  • Chetan Puttagunta

    Chetan Puttagunta

    General Partner NEA

  • Christian Meermann

    Christian Meermann

    Founding Partner Cherry Ventures

  • Lauren Daum

    Lauren Daum

    Associate General Atlantic

  • Corne Jansen

    Corne Jansen

    Director INKEF Capital

  • David Zimmer

    David Zimmer

    Managing Director coparion

  • Stephan Wirries

    Stephan Wirries

    Principal Ventech

  • Ben Taylor

    Ben Taylor

    Chief Innovation Officer EY

  • Benjamin Wörner

    Benjamin Wörner

    Commercial Lead Product Partnerships Zalando SE

  • Natasha Lytton

    Natasha Lytton

    Head of Marketing & Communications Seedcamp

  • Brian Daly

    Brian Daly

    Network Catalyst Techstars

  • Davide Russo

    Davide Russo

    Head of Corporate Development, EMEA Amazon

  • Eamonn Carey

    Eamonn Carey

    Managing Director Techstars

  • Alex van Someren

    Alex van Someren

    Managing Partner Amadeus Capital

  • Lillian Li

    Lillian Li

    Investment Professional Salesforce

  • Jannat Shah

    Jannat Shah

    Associate AXA Strategic Ventures

  • Alex Buchberger

    Alex Buchberger

    Managing Director Senovo

  • Tiago Teixeira Correia

    Tiago Teixeira Correia

    Global Digital Business Development Manager Warner Music Group

  • Ilonka Jankovich

    Ilonka Jankovich

    Venture Partner Randstad

  • Ton van 't Noordende

    Ton van 't Noordende

    CEO 01 Ventures

  • Alexander Krauße

    Alexander Krauße

    Investment Associate Cherry Ventures

  • Alexander Ribbink

    Alexander Ribbink

    General Partner Keen Venture Partners

  • Herman Kienhuis

    Herman Kienhuis

    EVP, Managing Director KPN Ventures

  • Alexei Tuknov

    Alexei Tuknov

    Investment Director Maxfield Capital

  • Niels van Aalten

    Niels van Aalten

    Partner Holland Venture

  • Alla Levina

    Alla Levina

    Head of Program Starta Ventures

  • Jolien Rip

    Jolien Rip

    Associate HAL Investments

  • Johan van Mil

    Johan van Mil

    Co-founder, Managing Partner Peak Capital

  • Allard Luchsinger

    Allard Luchsinger

    Director Private Equity Velocity Capital

  • Axel Wehr

    Axel Wehr

    Principal Anterra Capital

  • Barry Kumarappan

    Barry Kumarappan

    Director of Investments Secerno

  • Bart Becks

    Bart Becks

    Founder Angel.me

  • Tom Wilson

    Tom Wilson

    Partner Seedcamp

  • Kirsty Macdonald

    Kirsty Macdonald

    Investment Associate JamJar Investments

  • Aurore Belfrage

    Aurore Belfrage

    Head of Early Stage EQT Ventures

  • Carlo Dorresteijn

    Carlo Dorresteijn

    Senior Associate Velocity Capital

  • Ryan Goodman

    Ryan Goodman

    Startup Program Manager Open Data Institute

  • Pascal Condamine

    Pascal Condamine

    Project Evangelist France & Europe Indiegogo

  • Luis Hanemann

    Luis Hanemann

    Partner e.ventures

  • Chris Haley

    Chris Haley

    Co-founder, Partner 01 Ventures

  • Stefan Bary

    Stefan Bary

    Managing Partner Peak Capital

  • Christian Stein

    Christian Stein

    Managing Director coparion

  • Dan Chaplin

    Dan Chaplin

    Associate Dawn Capital

  • Frank Seehaus

    Frank Seehaus

    Managing Partner Acton Capital Partners

  • Stephen Brittain

    Stephen Brittain

    Creative Director Hambro Perks

  • David Mozes

    David Mozes

    Regional Manager Benelux Seedrs

  • Denys Dmytrenko

    Denys Dmytrenko

    Senior Associate GR Capital

  • Dmitriy Shvets

    Dmitriy Shvets

    Managing Partner Imperious Group

  • Dmitry Burbo

    Dmitry Burbo

    Product Analyst, Partner RUBYLIGHT

  • Ekaterina Dorozhkina

    Ekaterina Dorozhkina

    Founding Partner, CEO Starta Ventures

  • Emrah Basic

    Emrah Basic

    Investment Manager Axel Springer Plug & Play

  • Erik Spindler

    Erik Spindler

    Director Triantis Invest

  • Eva De Mol

    Eva De Mol

    Founder De Mol Ventures

  • Roel de Hoop

    Roel de Hoop

    Partner Prime Ventures

  • Jan Andriessen

    Jan Andriessen

    Executive Partner henQ

  • Fahad Khan

    Fahad Khan

    Vice President - HEGCF HMC

  • Fanuel Dewever

    Fanuel Dewever

    Founder, Chief Crowd Angel Crowd Angels

  • Felix Klühr

    Felix Klühr

    Investment Manager HV Holtzbrinck Ventures

  • Frank Bomers

    Frank Bomers

    Partner AccelerAsia

  • Ivo Remmelg

    Ivo Remmelg

    Partner & Founder, Angel Investor Romivo

  • Jakob Gajšek

    Jakob Gajšek

    Co-founder, Head of Venture Relations ABC Accelerator

  • James Haft

    James Haft

    Founder PALcapital

  • Jan-Joost Rueb

    Jan-Joost Rueb

    Venture Partner Vortex Capital Partners

  • Jerome Wittamer

    Jerome Wittamer

    Founding Partner Expon Capital

  • Joel Hughes

    Joel Hughes

    UK & Europe Lead Indiegogo

  • Sanah Ahmed

    Sanah Ahmed

    Program Manager Techstars

  • Hussein Kanji

    Hussein Kanji

    Partner Hoxton Ventures

  • Johannes Mitterhuber

    Johannes Mitterhuber

    Investment Professional Axel Springer SE

  • Jon Coker

    Jon Coker

    Managing Partner MMC Ventures

  • Jonne de Leeuw

    Jonne de Leeuw

    Principal HPE Growth Capital

  • Juan Pedro Monjo Bossi

    Juan Pedro Monjo Bossi

    Strategy Supervisor UPS

  • Julius Rüßmann

    Julius Rüßmann

    Analyst Earlybird

  • Konstantin Vinogradov

    Konstantin Vinogradov

    Senior Associate Runa Capital

  • Alex Kayyal

    Alex Kayyal

    Partner, Head of Europe Salesforce

  • Korbinian Weisser

    Korbinian Weisser

    Junior Investment Manager Holtzbrinck Digital

  • Kyrill Zlobenko

    Kyrill Zlobenko

    Regional Manager, DACH Seedrs

  • Liliana Panic

    Liliana Panic

    Director, Origination Razorhorse

  • Maarten Goossens

    Maarten Goossens

    Co-founder, Principal Anterra Capital

  • Manish Rane

    Manish Rane

    Europe Strategy & Innovation Manager UPS

  • Marc Lamik

    Marc Lamik

    Managing Director Zalando Digital Lisbon

  • Mario Witte

    Mario Witte

    Managing Director Rainmaker Investments

  • Markus Grundmann

    Markus Grundmann

    Partner Senovo

  • Martijn Hamann

    Martijn Hamann

    Partner Endeit Capital

  • Martin Angehrn

    Martin Angehrn

    Co-Founder Brixel / Wide Ventures

  • Martin Ericsson

    Martin Ericsson

    Investment Professional Eight Roads

  • Mathias Haniel

    Mathias Haniel

    Investment Professional Lakestar

  • Matthew Jones

    Matthew Jones

    Director of Investments Anthemis

  • Matthew Scherba

    Matthew Scherba

    Partner - Strategy, Commercial Breed Reply

  • Mila Cramer

    Mila Cramer

    Investment Manager Project A Ventures

  • Morten Johnstad-Møller

    Morten Johnstad-Møller

    Partner THINK

  • Nick Churcher

    Nick Churcher

    Head of Growth Hambro Perks

  • Pascal Albericci

    Pascal Albericci

    Senior Investment Manager Amadeus IT Group

  • Pedro Falcão

    Pedro Falcão

    Managing Partner LC Ventures

  • Pedro Rocha Vieira

    Pedro Rocha Vieira

    Managing Partner LC Ventures

  • Philip Wilms

    Philip Wilms

    Investment Manager Holland Venture

  • Ragnar Jongen

    Ragnar Jongen

    Associate DN Capital

  • Raquel Rodrigo Musat

    Raquel Rodrigo Musat

    Senior Program Analyst Amadeus IT Group

  • Rasmus Wolff

    Rasmus Wolff

    Investor, Advisor & Board Member RW Ventures

  • Sean Dunne

    Sean Dunne

    Principal Kreos Capital

  • Sebastiaan Vaessen

    Sebastiaan Vaessen

    Head of Strategy Naspers

  • Sergey Lebedev

    Sergey Lebedev

    Chief Information Officer East-West United Bank

  • Sibilla Todaro

    Sibilla Todaro

    Marketing & Portfolio Support Manager Breed Reply

  • Siplo Elting

    Siplo Elting

    Company Owner Noxxes Europe

  • Thijs Gitmans

    Thijs Gitmans

    Investment Partner NBI Investors

  • Toba Spiegel

    Toba Spiegel

    Investment Manager coparion

  • Willem Willemstein

    Willem Willemstein

    Chairman, CEO Velocity Capital

  • Evan Waters

    Evan Waters

    Director, Growth & Performance Marketing Naspers Ventures

  • Andrew Walton

    Andrew Walton

    Assurance Markets Leader EY

  • Bastian Faulhaber

    Bastian Faulhaber

    Investment Manager Redstone

  • Björn Risberg

    Björn Risberg

    Investment Manager VOC Capital Partners

  • Chris Murphy

    Chris Murphy

    Co-founder SaaStock

  • Damien van der Bijl

    Damien van der Bijl

    Investment Manager InnovationQuarter

  • Dave Dirks

    Dave Dirks

    Co-founder, Managing Partner EVO Venture Partners

  • David Blyghton

    David Blyghton

    Senior Associate Highland Europe

  • David Smejkal

    David Smejkal

    Associate Nauta Capital

  • Ellen Bark-Lindhout

    Ellen Bark-Lindhout

    Co-founder of Collider Amsterdam Collider

  • Ernest Sanchez

    Ernest Sanchez

    Managing Partner Nekko Capital

  • Frank Appeldoorn

    Frank Appeldoorn

    Principal Volta Ventures

  • Friso Bensdorp

    Friso Bensdorp

    Director Ponooc

  • Gajan Rajanathan

    Gajan Rajanathan

    Growth Investor, Principal Highland Europe

  • Harel Tayeb

    Harel Tayeb

    CEO, Angel Investor Kryon Systems

  • John-Simon Purcell

    John-Simon Purcell

    Sr. Director Naspers Ventures

  • Maikel van Verseveld

    Maikel van Verseveld


  • Marcin Szeląg

    Marcin Szeląg

    Partner Innovation Nest

  • Marcus König

    Marcus König

    Investment Professional Signals Venture Capital

  • Maurits Koning

    Maurits Koning

    Director Ponooc

  • Michael Rudberg

    Michael Rudberg

    Partner EY

  • Mickael Pynson

    Mickael Pynson

    Chief Digital Officer Damartex

  • Miia Bovellan

    Miia Bovellan

    Founding Partner Proxy Venture Capital

  • Miruna-Ioana Girtu

    Miruna-Ioana Girtu

    Strategic Partnerships Manager SyndicateRoom

  • Noah Souvignier

    Noah Souvignier

    Investment Scout seed+speed Ventures

  • Ohad Gilad

    Ohad Gilad

    Co-founder, Managing Partner Keadyn

  • Patrick de Zeeuw

    Patrick de Zeeuw

    Co-founder Startupbootcamp

  • Romain Vidal

    Romain Vidal

    Partner CapHorn Invest

  • Rose Lewis

    Rose Lewis

    Co-founder Collider

  • Sander Pennings

    Sander Pennings

    Founder, Investment Manager Connected Capital

  • Steve Seuntjens

    Steve Seuntjens

    Partner PHS Capital

  • Vitalii Malets

    Vitalii Malets

    CEO Publicfast

  • David Stefan Fischer

    David Stefan Fischer

    Analyst Acton Capital Partners

  • Huseyin Demirhisar

    Huseyin Demirhisar

    COO Angel Wings Ventures

  • Johan Stins

    Johan Stins

    Senior Investment Manager InnovationQuarter

  • Mirna Pool - van Ede

    Mirna Pool - van Ede

    Executive Assistant Walvis Participaties

  • Pep Gomez

    Pep Gomez

    Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist Fever

  • Reinder Lubbers

    Reinder Lubbers

    Investment Manager Walvis Participaties

  • Taavi Lepmets

    Taavi Lepmets

    Co-founder, Partner Trind Ventures

  • Teodor Bjerrang

    Teodor Bjerrang

    Founding Partner SNÖ Ventures

  • Till Wyszynski

    Till Wyszynski

    Investment Principal E.ON

  • Ashish Dharnidharka

    Ashish Dharnidharka

    VP Licensing & Technology Ventures GE Ventures

  • Chris Te Stroet

    Chris Te Stroet

    Partner, Technology Director JOA Ventures

  • Christian Schulte

    Christian Schulte

    Investment Professional coparion

  • Constance Scholten

    Constance Scholten

    Director Slingshot Ventures

  • Daniel Dümig

    Daniel Dümig

    New Business & Innovation Manager ASICS

  • Dennis Blom

    Dennis Blom

    Partner Solid Ventures

  • Emilio Risques

    Emilio Risques

    VP New Business & Innovation ASICS

  • Enrique Penichet García

    Enrique Penichet García

    Founding Partner Bbooster Ventures

  • Gary Stewart

    Gary Stewart

    Managing Director Wayra UK

  • Ilan Goudsmit

    Ilan Goudsmit

    Associate Endeit Capital

  • James Birch

    James Birch

    Associate Director InsurTech Gateway

  • Jiri Hak

    Jiri Hak

    Managing Partner CORPIN

  • Jonathan Zwaan

    Jonathan Zwaan

    Partner, Investment Director JOA Ventures

  • Liduina Hammer

    Liduina Hammer

    Fund Manager UNIIQ

  • Martien Kuunders

    Martien Kuunders

    Senior Investment Manager InnovationQuarter

  • Martijn Don

    Martijn Don

    Co-founder, Managing Partner Keadyn

  • Mathijs de Wit

    Mathijs de Wit

    Partner Newion Investments

  • Nick Kalliagkopoulos

    Nick Kalliagkopoulos

    Associate Prime Ventures

  • Oscar Knoeff

    Oscar Knoeff

    Investment Analyst NBI Investors

  • Pieter Welten

    Pieter Welten

    Principal Prime Ventures

  • Robert Wilhelm

    Robert Wilhelm

    Managing Partner Solid Ventures

  • Rutger Kemper

    Rutger Kemper

    Co-founder, NL Leader Leapfunder

  • Thijs Dijkman

    Thijs Dijkman

    Analyst Peak Capital

  • Tom Kist

    Tom Kist

    Founder, Managing Partner Slingshot Ventures

  • Vanessa Onnes

    Vanessa Onnes

    General Counsel VenturesOne

  • Visa	Friström

    Visa Friström

    Head of Partnership Development KONE

  • Chris Heivly

    Chris Heivly

    Entrepreneur in Residence Techstars

  • Christian Schulte

    Christian Schulte

    Managing Partner Steinbeis

  • Luca Zurlo

    Luca Zurlo

    Managing Partner Voluntres

  • Martin Sonntag

    Martin Sonntag

    Investment Manager coparion

  • Pascal Verloop

    Pascal Verloop

    Director Lab 2SQRS

  • Peter Oszkó

    Peter Oszkó

    Founder, Managing Partner Oxo Ventures

  • Rick van Boekel

    Rick van Boekel

    Partner Airbridge Equity Partners

  • Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz

    Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz

    Founding Partner Expon Capital

  • Taco Hiddink

    Taco Hiddink

    Owner leadscout.ai

  • Tony Bolland

    Tony Bolland

    Founder Most Excellent Ventures

  • Wouter Kracht

    Wouter Kracht

    Investment Manager 2SQRS

  • Xander van der Heijden

    Xander van der Heijden


  • Belem Tamayo

    Belem Tamayo

    Associate Cottonwood

  • Ben Marrel

    Ben Marrel

    Founding Partner Breega Capital

  • Dennis Ahrling

    Dennis Ahrling

    Investment Manager GMPVC

  • Fabian Gruner

    Fabian Gruner

    Investment Manager HV Holtzbrinck Ventures

  • Franziska Lohl

    Franziska Lohl

    Program Manager Techstars

  • Jarno Assen

    Jarno Assen

    Managing Director Accenture

  • Jason Gao

    Jason Gao

    Investment Manager PM Equity Partner

  • Jeroen Arts

    Jeroen Arts

    Principal Speedinvest

  • Johannes Ferner

    Johannes Ferner

    Associate Speedinvest

  • John Spindler

    John Spindler

    CEO Capital Enterprise

  • Lars Kappen

    Lars Kappen

    Founder wearezero

  • Marili Merendi

    Marili Merendi

    Associate Karma Ventures

  • Ray Quintana

    Ray Quintana

    Co-founder, General Partner Cottonwood

  • Roman Duzhyk

    Roman Duzhyk

    Program Manager hub:raum

  • Stefan Walter

    Stefan Walter

    Co-founder, Managing Partner Cavalry Ventures

  • Tobias Jonge Vos

    Tobias Jonge Vos

    Senior Manager Accenture

  • Tugce Ergul

    Tugce Ergul

    Co-founder, Executive Director Angel Labs

  • Wim Boekema

    Wim Boekema

    Senior Vice President Jefferies

  • Elad Kobi

    Elad Kobi

    Business Developer GKI Group

  • Gal Kalkshtein

    Gal Kalkshtein

    Founder GKI Group

  • James Ayling

    James Ayling

    Associate InMotion Ventures

  • Sam Clifton

    Sam Clifton

    Associate InMotion Ventures

  • Michael Shephard

    Michael Shephard

    Investment Analyst Insight Venture Partners

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