June 16 and 17 · Amsterdam


Become an agent of change

Become an agent of change

How can we create a more inclusive, equal, and fair industry? And what lessons can we derive from Gen Z’s social activism to spread new ideas and gain momentum?

Visit our Impact-themes sessions to discover how you can bring about change, even when you don’t have a climate-specific product. You’ll gain foresight directly from changemakers on impactful trends and technologies, and learn which metrics to use to make data-driven decisions to meet your ESG goals.

Our speaker lineup will feature Founders, CEOs, and other leading social entrepreneurs from the world’s most affable brands, including The Ocean Cleanup and more!

Session spotlight

Here is just a selection of talks that will be shared on stage.

  • In the rush to save our oceans and rivers, The Ocean Cleanup will tell you how they managed to work with (or around) nay-sayers and build a solid financial model to solve the entire plastic problem.

  • We all agree this must be done. How do we do this - right? What are the tips, tools and essentials to removing implicit bias in investment decision making?

  • From street artist to NFT millionaire to social activist - how art and tech can influence change and battle social injustice.

Who is this event for?

Who is this event for?

Our thought-provoking sessions and workshops resonate with a wide range of audiences. Impact sessions are aimed at reputable activists, social entrepreneurs, and corporate executives leading sustainable and social initiatives.

Gain a deeper understanding of the digital transformation journey towards free and fair access to tech through comprehensive discussions and practical sessions.

Connect with other Government Representatives, Founders, C-level Executives (including those responsible for diversity, people, sustainability/impact, communications, public affairs, and innovation), and many more.