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Keynote Speaker TNW Conference 2022

Edward Snowden

Breaking news!

Breaking news!

Everybody knows about Edward Snowden… Many would consider him the epitome of whistleblowers.

As a former computer intelligence consultant for the US government, Snowden was the catalyst of perhaps the biggest takedown of government treachery when he exposed that the NSA was spying on everyone’s calls and internet history in 2013.

After nearly a decade of being on the run, Snowden is still in hiding. But we know where he’ll be in June: virtually on stage, at TNW Conference 2022, sharing his insights on trust and transparency in the metaverse era.

Have we learned our lesson? What does he see as the next big threat to privacy?

Here is your opportunity to find out! The next 100 people to buy a ticket to TNW Conference will get a chance at one of the five prime spots to ask Edward Snowden a question live on June 16 in Amsterdam.

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Join us on the edge of our seats as Snowden shares his insights on trust and transparency in the metaverse era, and reveals what can we learn from the past while we continue to further innovate technology.

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