Get ready for a completely new seamless payment experience: TNW Conference and Glownet are launching the first cashless payment integration at a technology festival. All our old plastic festival tokens have now been replaced by intelligent RIFD wristbands that will allow you to pay at our 25+ food trucks.

You can personalise your cashless account online, add tokens to it using your favorite online payment method and even use your wristband to leave your details at exhibitors that you are interested hearing more from. You can top your tokens up online before and during the event, but we'll also have physical stations to recharge the tokens on your wristband at the conference.

Oh, and one more thing.. all those tokens you don't end up using? We’ll just refund them to you after the event. 

Already a conference ticket holder? Create a cashless account and start adding tokens.

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Quick top-ups and refunds

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We’ve partnered with PayPal to turn your cashless payments into convenient user experiences. Here’s why you should choose PayPal as your payment method:

1. One Touch: enter your payment details only once and after that you can top-up extra tokens with a single click.

2. Live Online Top-up: want to add tokens directly to your wristband from your phone during the conference? Select PayPal and you will be able to add tokens directly from the Conference App with just a few clicks.

3. Automated Refunds: TNW will reimburse you for your unused tokens purchased with PayPal within 3 days on your PayPal account. No extra surcharge.

Already a conference ticket holder? Create a cashless account and start adding tokens.


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