masterclasses in a range of subjects
  • How the right payment solution can double your conversions

    Boris Bongartz & Guiseppe Lumia

    Head of Sales & Team Lead Sales, Wirecard

  • Shift the Game

    Frederik De Bosschere & Hannes Van de Velde

    Lead Strategist & Director of Product Design, In The Pocket

  • Design Thinking Techniques to Transform your Strategy

    Melissa Rancourt

    Academic Director, TheNewSchool

  • Using Tech to solve cold cases (NL)

    Jeroen Hammer & Roel Wolfert

    Operational Specialist, Q-Team, De Politie

    Fully Booked
  • Build your own blockchain application in less than an hour

    Edward Ciggaar

    IBM Developer Advocate, IBM

    Fully Booked

Pitch Sessions – Day 1

From machine-learning to blockchain, watch some of the most exciting up-and-coming startups pitch in The Tower
  • Marketplace | Pitching Session

    Discover the 8 most disruptive Startups in E-Commerce and Retail.

    Introduction by Wesley Ng,, CEO of Casetify

  • Future of Work | Pitching Session

    Discover the 8 most disruptive Startups in IoT, Smart Cities, Mobility.

    Introduction by Noaa Barak,, Strategy Manager MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL

  • Hard Fork | Pitching Session

    Discover the 8 most disruptive Startups in Blockchain & Crypto.

    Introduction by David Schwarz,, Chief Cryptographer Ripple

  • Machine Learners | Pitching Session

    Discover the 8 most disruptive Startups in AI & Big Data.

    Introduction by Andrew Keen,, Author The Internet Is Not The Answer

Pitching Sessions – Day 2

  • Project You | Pitching Session

    Discover the 8 most disruptive Startups in Health & LifeStyle.

    Introduction by Peter Hopwood,, Global Conference Host & MC

  • Mixed Realities | Pitching Session

    Discover the 8 most disruptive Startups in VR & AR.

    Introduction by Alex Wills,, Managing Director R/GA

  • The Boardroom | Pitching Session

    Discover the 8 most disruptive Startups in Saas & Enterprise Technologies.

    Introduction by Jack Constantine,, CDO Lush

  • Marketing2020 | Pitching Session

    Discover the 8 most disruptive Startups in Media, Marketing & Adtech.

    Introduction by Mike Rigby,, VP and Executive Creative Director R/GA

Engage Day 1

Small group, deep-dive roundtables with leading experts
  • Demystifying esports: Business opportunities in one of the fastest growing industries today

    Koen Schobbers

    Esport expert/pro esports player / tv host / esports advisor & educator, Koenz

    For Investors, CEO's, marketeers, media, politics, gamers, parents, people interested in gaming & esports in general

  • Curve Benders or Fender Benders? Co-Creating the Future of Work

    David Nour

    CEO, The Nour Group, Inc.

    For Senior executives, visionary entrepreneurs, investors, board members, thinkers

  • Tools and trends for the future of retail

    Antonis Argyros

    VP Product & Marketing, SafeSize

    For The retail industry. Marketing managers, Business developers, Innovation managers, UI/UX designers, Growth Hackers.

  • Blockchain consulting: From chaos to solution

    Jessica Hofmann

    Founder of Blockchain Scale-up Factory/ Blockchain Business Consultant, Atos - Blockchain Scale-up Factory

    For All people who are interested in Blockchain deployment and solution development

    Fully Booked
  • From machine learning to deep learning in IoT with blockchain technology

    Mo Haghighi

    Head of Developer Ecosystems Group, IBM

    For CTOs, Technologists, Developers, C-suite and startup founders.

    Fully Booked
  • Startup opportunities in the era of voice assistants

    Ilya Gelfenbeyn

    Managing Director at Nutur / GoMom, Google

    For Startup founders and members, Venture Capital professionals and investors, and anyone interested in emerging tech, voice, and AI.

    Fully Booked
  • The impact of AI on content distribution & how publishers can become AI-driven

    Andrea Volpini

    Co-founder & CEO, WordLift

    For Technical marketers, online publishers, SEOs and content editors.

    Fully Booked
  • A Future with All the Feels or Tech that's Totally Zen?

    Pamela Pavliscak

    CEO, Change Sciences

    For Anyone interested in making technology more empathetic and ethical.

    Fully Booked
  • How to build a successful app business

    Tamzin Taylor

    Partner Development Manager, Google

    For App developers

    Fully Booked
  • What every leader needs to know about engaging millennial employees

    Charu Sharma


    For Executives, HR leaders, mentors, mentees, sponsors, diverse professionals., millennials

    Fully Booked
  • Partnering with ING Wholesale Banking to develop and commercialize AI products

    Doron Reuter

    Head Business Development Advanced Analytics, ING

    For AI startups/scale ups interested in co-developing disruptive AI products within the Wholesale Banking sector. Smart Business, Data Science and Tech talent interested in engaging with a World

    Fully Booked
  • Podcasting: How to reach a brand new audience

    Mike Russell

    Creative Director, Music Radio Creative

    For Podcasters, content creators, digital marketers, creatives, music fans and anyone interested in the tech behind podcasting.

    Fully Booked
  • To blockchain or not to blockchain

    Ivo Jonkers

    Freelancer, IR Jonkers

    For People that are interested in or working on blockchain projects

    Fully Booked
  • Designing the future of e-commerce

    Stan Rapp

    Product Design Manager,

    For People working and interested in e-commerce

    Fully Booked
  • What does the future of work look like when everyone is a developer?

    Emmanuel Straschnov

    Founder, Bubble

    For Business and product people, people interested in entrepreneurship

    Fully Booked
  • How to attract the right talent to grow your company

    Yuki Kho

    Project Lead The Art of Work, Homerun

    For Founders, recruiters, marketing managers, everyone interesting in growing their team and finding talent

    Fully Booked
  • Blockchain: Beyond cryptocurrencies, where will the technology flourish?

    Ben Marrel

    Founding Partner, Breega Capital

    For Venture Capitalists, Start-ups in blockchain, blockchain evangelists

    Fully Booked
  • Understanding the inner workings of a crypto wallet

    Alejandro De La Torre

    VP Business Operations,

    For People interested in storing their crypto safely

    Fully Booked
  • PropTech is renewing real estate

    Wouter Truffino

    Founder and CEO, Holland ConTech & PropTech

    Fully Booked
  • Design strategy for AI products

    Alvaro Soto

    Adjunct Faculty, Texas State University

    For Entrepreneurs, Product Owners, and Experience Designers.

    Fully Booked
  • The future of fashion platforms: New threats and opportunities

    Benjamin Wörner

    Commercial Lead Product Partnerships, Zalando

    For Retailers, Brands, Content creators, Startups

    Fully Booked
  • Are factories AI's next frontier?

    Ben Blume

    Principal, Atomico

    For People working in manufacturing, AI founders and investors interested in manufacturing

    Fully Booked
  • Discover how to be better at leadership communication

    Spencer Waldron

    Regional Director (Europe), Prezi Inc

    For Anyone who leads a team, a department or a company.

    Fully Booked
  • Design-thinking your latest technology into market-driven opportunities

    Thibaut Decre

    Program methodology & tooling lead, HighTechXL

    For Innovation managers, product managers and project managers in technology-driven companies.

    Fully Booked
  • The Fashion Platform Future

    Benjamin Wörner

    Commercial Lead Digital Partnerships, Zalando

    For Retailers, brands, content creators, startups

    Fully Booked

Engage Day 2

More small group, deep-dive roundtables with leading experts!
  • Scale This Startup: How to Build a B2B Marketplace in a Legacy Industry

    Ryan Smith

    Co-founder & CEO, Leaflink

    For CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs interested in learning how to overcome challenges in scaling a business.

  • The future of retail in the digital age

    Dymfke Kuijpers

    Senior Partner, Digital McKinsey

    For Retail and consumer executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders.

  • Working with ecosystem builders to grow early stage tech investor pool

    Jayne Chan

    Head StartmeupHK, InvestHK

    For Government, investors, startup community builders

  • Solutions for last-mile connectivity, prohibitive data costs, and other inclusion hurdles

    Anton Mozgovoy

    CTO, Humaniq

    For Startups, young entrepreneurs, CEOs, product managers and CustDev managers.

    Fully Booked
  • How to maximize your success when engaging with the tech ecosystem

    Arno Nijhof

    Head of Global Ecosystems, TNW X

    For Corporate Innovators

  • Ecommerce is a bi*ch

    Wes Ng

    CEO, Casetify

    For Professionals working at ecommerce / direct to consumer brands, Digital Marketers, Growth Hackers

    Fully Booked
  • How to innovate after product market fit

    Samuel Beek

    Product Manager, WeTransfer

    For Product Minded People (Founders, PMs, Desingers) that work on product that is Post Product Market Fit.

    Fully Booked
  • How to develop a brand to deliver commercial growth

    Natasha Lytton

    Head of Marketing, Seedcamp

    For Marketers, Brand leaders, Creative leads

    Fully Booked
  • Getting your customers into owned ecosystems - the future of CRM

    Anthony Hymes

    Digital Activations Manager, Shiseido

    For Digital marketers, CRM managers, brand holders, e-commerce managers, social media managers

    Fully Booked
  • Machine Learning after the hype

    Bjarke Staun-Olsen

    Principal, Creandum

    For VCs, angels, founders

    Fully Booked
  • Machine learning and product design: running with your models

    Preeti Vaidya

    Data Scientist/Big Data Engineer, Viacom

    For Machine Learners, Design Thinkers, Technical Leaders, Business Decision Makers, Data Scientists

    Fully Booked
  • Why you need a lawyer in your innovation team

    Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage

    Lawyer and Partner, Pels Rijcken

    For People who are part of, or manage innovation teams (whether it's a startup, or an innovation team within a large corporate) and investors in innovation teams.

    Fully Booked
  • Lean branding: Creating dynamic brands to generate conversion

    Laura Busche

    Brand Consultant & Author, Creative Market

    For Brand managers, marketers, growth professionals, and founders interested in building lean brands.

    Fully Booked
  • Let’s innovate ping-pong and free beer

    Saskia H. Herrmann

    Service Designer & Researcher, Inclusion Lab AMS

    For People interested in startup ecosystems.

    Fully Booked
  • Ethical Development of AI: A Practical Approach

    Abhishek Gupta

    AI Ethics Researcher, McGill University and District 3

    For Machine Learning Engineers, Product Managers, Designers, Business Development Managers, people interested in issues of ethics in AI

    Fully Booked
  • Keeping one MVP ahead of your competition

    Noud van Alem

    Growth Entrepreneur / Partner, RevelX

    For Start-ups, scale-ups, corporates. Founders, Innovation managers, Product managers, Marketing professionals

    Fully Booked
  • VC 101 - raising an exceptional Series A round

    Dan Chaplin

    Associate, Dawn Capital

    For Early stage founders and investors

    Fully Booked
  • The end game of each organisation

    Denis Doeland

    Co-founder, Fanalists

    For Founders, CEO's, Directors, Managers etc etc

    Fully Booked
  • Bringing corporate blogs back - the SEO way

    Gabriel Adrian Eremia

    Head of Digital, Arctic Romania

    For Marketers, digital marketers, brand managers, marketing managers

    Fully Booked
  • Leveraging agile thinkfluence: Your inspicreational path to bleisureful digital nomadry

    Alejandro Tauber

    Editor-in-Chief, The Next Web

    For Anybody!

  • Creative Careers; Routes In

    Emily Hinks

    Founder, CEO, Mischief Makers

    For Anyone looking to break into a thriving career within the Creative Industry.

  • Alternative approach on cybercrime & cyber intelligence

    Thijs van Valkengoed & Gijs Heijmering

    Program Digitization & Cybercrime, Dutch National Police

    For Everyone who wants to talk, think and share things about alternative approaches on cybercrime & cyber intelligence

  • Cybermonitors - Using big data to fight crime

    Peter Duin

    Operationalize Cyber Resilience & Innovator, Dutch National Police

    For Interested talents

  • Going Dark

    Erik Akerboom & Theo van der Plas

    Chief of Police & Director of Cybercrime, De Politie

  • What will be the workplace of the future? Will technology change our workplace?

    Cees van der Spek and Coen van Oostrom

    Director Global Relations and Founder & CEO, OVG & EDGE Technologies

  • Data & travel: How data science is shaping the travel industry

    Lucie de Nooij

    Data Science Team Lead,

  • Un-learn at outrageous speed!

    Leandro Luis Palazzo Brando

    Senior Director NDE Platforms EMEA, Nike

    For Digital Transformation Professionals

    Fully Booked
  • The digital marketing game

    Martin Hidalgo Strub

    Director Digital Marketing, Nike

    Fully Booked
  • Blockchains: taking ecosystems to the moon

    Tim Blankers

    Enterprise Architect, ABN AMRO

    Fully Booked
  • Be a disco ball: How to stand out and land your dream job

    Sophie Worth

    Recruiting Manager, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

    For Anyone looking to catch a recruiter's eye and land their dream job.

    Fully Booked
  • The league of extraordinary hustlers

    Rey Caacbay

    Director of Partnerships, The Next Web

    For Tech talent obsessed with personal development

    Fully Booked

Talent Sessions Day 1

Talent sessions for talented people. Opens to T500 members first!
  • Inclusivity, diversity and belonging in the workplace: The past, present, and future

    Chuck Stephens

    Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity, & Belonging,

  • Moving the Enterprise towards distributed ledger technology

    Patrick van Vreeswijk

    Technology Analyst, Accenture

  • Building Technology: what are the trends?

    Cees van der Spek and Johannes Metzler

    Director Global Relations and Advisor Strategy, OVG & EDGE Technologies

  • The future of the car manufacturing

    Lex Hoefsloot

    CEO, Lightyear

    For Entrepreneurs, makers, designers, engineers

  • Authencity is key - and where it got me

    Sabine de Witte

    Journalist, Opaque

    For Autonomous entrenpreneurs, digital nomads, remote workers, young professional

  • Unlocking corporate power: Know how to hustle and win

    Marijn Mennes & Mike Todirijo

    Startup Liaison & Customer Developer, ABN AMRO

    For Founders, Entrepreneurs, Sales Execs.

    Fully Booked
  • Serious gaming! Learn while playing with Lego 

    Dirk Visser

    Delivery & Operational Excellence Manager, Accenture

    Fully Booked
  • How to make and capitalize on lucky breaks

    Alex Wills

    Group MD Marketing Transformation, R/GA

    For Creators, designers and those who want to break in to the marketing industry.

    Fully Booked
  • Become a digital nomad in 30 minutes

    Mark van der Heijden

    Co-founder & CEO, Wanderbrief

    For Creatives, Designers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Marketeers

    Fully Booked
  • Anti-disciplinary Design Thinking (for space & beyond!)

    Ariel Ekblaw

    Founder & Lead, MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative

    For The next generation of Space Tinkerers & Explorers. Space Hackers and Makers. Artists, Designers, Engineers, and Scientists of the Outer Space-enthusiast variety!

    Fully Booked
  • The growth story of, from the inside

    Bertien van Blaak

    Senior Director of Digital Products, Nike

    For Digital commerce enthusiasts, entrepreneurs

    Fully Booked
  • Programmatic advertising meets creative communication

    Ivan Ponce

    Director Digital Marketing, Nike

    Fully Booked
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