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In the past ten years, TNW Conference has grown into one of Europe’s most prominent events for investors to discover new startups. Last year, more than 700 investors from over 300 venture capital funds attended, resulting in 3,800 pre-booked meetings with startups.



Pre-event matchmaking

As an investor, meeting startups and other VCs are the top two reasons for attending TNW Conference – so we're providing you with curated startup matchmaking tailored to your market interests, expertise and fund size.

To do this, we combine our best in-class event scheduling platform with incredibly enriched company data, provided by index.co. It seems to work: last year, meetings organised via the platform received some of the highest satisfaction ratings ever recorded at a European event.

For 2018 we're expecting 700+ startups and 15,000 attendees, all available in our next generation matchmaking and networking application, before you've even arrived. 


Curated Startup Pitches

Thanks to our dedicated pitching stage, it's easy for you to uncover the unique strengths and needs of companies that fit your expertise. Pitching is split into 7 core verticals:

1. AI & Big Data
2. IoT & Smart Cities
3. Blockchain & Crypto
4. Health Tech & Life Sciences
5. Media & Marketing
6. Mobility & LifeStyle
7. Enterprise Technologies




Aside from our investor-only lunches during TNW Conference, our Investor X dinner is a great opportunity to rub shoulders and swap stories with our network of leading VCs.

Investors 2017

Have a look at some of the investors that joined us in 2017.

  • Ryan Feit

    Ryan Feit

    CEO and Co-Founder SeedInvest

  • Herman Kienhuis

    Herman Kienhuis

    Managing Director KPN Ventures

  • Luciana Lixandru

    Luciana Lixandru

    Venture Capital Investor Accel Partners

  • Nick Grossman

    Nick Grossman

    General Manager Union Square Ventures

  • Connor Murphy

    Connor Murphy

    Managing Director Techstars

  • Roel de Hoop

    Roel de Hoop

    General Partner Prime Ventures

  • Corne Jansen

    Corne Jansen

    Director Inkef Capital

  • Tugce Ergul

    Tugce Ergul

    Investor / Executive Director Angel Labs

  • Jan Hammer

    Jan Hammer

    General Partner Index Ventures

  • Robert Jan Galema

    Robert Jan Galema

    Managing Director Inkef Capital

  • Kyang Yung

    Kyang Yung

    Investor INKEF Capital

  • Thijs Cohen Tervaert

    Thijs Cohen Tervaert

    Tech Investor Inkef Capital

  • Eamonn Carey

    Eamonn Carey

    Managing Director Techstars

  • Erika Batista

    Erika Batista

    Ambassador, Employee #1 TheFamily

  • Tom Hussey

    Tom Hussey

    Vice President General Atlantic

  • Ton van 't Noordende

    Ton van 't Noordende

    Partner & Investor Keadyn Ventures

  • James Downing

    James Downing

    Relationship Director Silicon Valley Bank

  • Christoph Auer-Welsbach

    Christoph Auer-Welsbach

    Founder, Investor IBM Ventures

  • Dimitriy Shvets

    Dimitriy Shvets

    Managing Partner Imperious Group

  • Paolo Rubatto

    Paolo Rubatto

    Managing Director Start Capital

  • Frank Seehaus

    Frank Seehaus

    Managing Partner Acton Capital Partners

  • David Liao

    David Liao

    Associate Updata Partners

  • Fanuel Dewever

    Fanuel Dewever

    Founder CrowdAngels

  • Barry Kumarappan

    Barry Kumarappan

    Director Secerno

  • Marie Ekeland

    Marie Ekeland

    Co Founder Daphni Ventures

  • Philipp Moehring

    Philipp Moehring

    Investor, Europe AngelList

  • Thierry Zois

    Thierry Zois

    Business Developer Seedrs

  • David Mozes

    David Mozes

    Regional Manager Benelux Seedrs

  • Mehmet Onarcan

    Mehmet Onarcan

    Angel Investor MDA Technology & Investment

  • Ekaterina Gianelli

    Ekaterina Gianelli

    Investment Director Inventure

  • Manu Gupta

    Manu Gupta

    General Partner Lakestar

  • Mario Witte

    Mario Witte

    Managing Director Rainmaker Investments

  • Christian Lindener

    Christian Lindener

    Managing Director Wayra

  • Alexandre Flamant

    Alexandre Flamant

    Investor Notion Capital

  • Daniel Keiper-Knorr

    Daniel Keiper-Knorr

    Founder Speedinvest

  • Suzy Ryoo

    Suzy Ryoo

    Venture Partner Atom Factory

  • Carolina 	Brochado

    Carolina Brochado

    Partner Atomico

  • Johnny Kegels

    Johnny Kegels

    Business Angel SGVO VC

  • Audrey Soussan

    Audrey Soussan

    Principal Ventech Capital

  • Chris Caulkin

    Chris Caulkin

    Growth Investor General Atlantic

  • Vincent Jacobs

    Vincent Jacobs

    Partner Kima Ventures

  • Matthieu 	Marchand

    Matthieu Marchand

    VC Associate Partech Ventures

  • Marie-Hortense Varin

    Marie-Hortense Varin

    Senior Associate Partech Ventures

  • Romain Vidal

    Romain Vidal

    VC CapHorn Invest

  • Tom Henriksson

    Tom Henriksson

    Partner Open Ocean Ventures

  • Sean Dunne

    Sean Dunne

    Principal Kreos Capital

  • Joost Waeterloos

    Joost Waeterloos

    Scouting Leader The Dow Chemical Company

  • Martin Macmillan

    Martin Macmillan

    CEO/Co-Founder Pollen Venture Capital

  • Denis Terpanov

    Denis Terpanov

    Business Development Manager Pollen Venture Capital

  • Stephan Wirries

    Stephan Wirries

    Investor Ventech

  • Rob	Boardman

    Rob Boardman

    Senior Associate Fast Track VC

  • Fahad Khan

    Fahad Khan

    Vice President Harbert European Growth Capital Fund

  • Luis	Hanemann

    Luis Hanemann

    Partner e.ventures

  • Jan-Joost Rueb

    Jan-Joost Rueb

    Investor Vortex Capital Partners

  • Ales Duchac

    Ales Duchac

    Analyst Credo Ventures

  • Anieke Lamers

    Anieke Lamers

    M&A advisor RTL Ventures

  • Vincent Pieterson

    Vincent Pieterson

    Investment Director RTL Ventures

  • Karl	Xavier

    Karl Xavier

    Head of Investments CBC Investment Group

  • Vad	Baron

    Vad Baron

    Owner London Capital Asset Allocation

  • Anastasiya Belyaeva

    Anastasiya Belyaeva

    Associate Open Ocean Venture

  • Marc Lamik

    Marc Lamik

    Partnerships Zalando Invest

  • Stephen Shanley

    Stephen Shanley

    Principal KKR Ventures

  • Nathalie Bruls

    Nathalie Bruls

    Principal KKR Ventures

  • Ben 	Pederson

    Ben Pederson

    Investor KKR Ventures

  • Hugues de Braucourt

    Hugues de Braucourt

    Principal Global Founders Capital

  • Victor Savevski

    Victor Savevski

    Chief Digital Officer Humanitas

  • Tomi Fyrqvist

    Tomi Fyrqvist

    Associate AXA Strategic Ventures

  • Jannat Shah

    Jannat Shah

    Associate AXA Strategic Ventures

  • Guillaume Fournier

    Guillaume Fournier

    Associate Credo Ventures

  • Johan van Mil

    Johan van Mil

    Co-founder Peak Capital

  • Stefan Bary

    Stefan Bary

    Managing Partner Peak Capital

  • Jerome Wittamer

    Jerome Wittamer

    Founding Partner Expon Capital

  • Rob Kniaz

    Rob Kniaz

    Founding partner Hoxton Ventures

  • Hussein Kanji

    Hussein Kanji

    Analyst Hoxton Ventures

  • Michael Wiedemann

    Michael Wiedemann

    Co-Founder Wide Ventures

  • Matus Maar

    Matus Maar

    Co-Founder & Partner Talis Capital

  • Vasile Foca

    Vasile Foca

    Co-Founder Talis Capital

  • Darina Nekhai

    Darina Nekhai

    Innovation Manager IKEA Centres

  • Aurore Belfrage

    Aurore Belfrage

    Investor - Head of Together EQT Ventures

  • Reshma 	Sohoni

    Reshma Sohoni

    Founding Partner Seedcamp

  • Christian 	Renner

    Christian Renner

    Managing Director Kompass Digital

  • Rutger van Wersch

    Rutger van Wersch

    Innovation Manager APG

  • Frederic Huynen

    Frederic Huynen

    Private Equity Associate HPE Growth Capital

  • Carlo Dorresteijn

    Carlo Dorresteijn

    Senior Associate Velocity Capital Private Equity

  • Donatella Callegaris

    Donatella Callegaris

    Director Columbia Lake Partners

  • Allard Luchsinger

    Allard Luchsinger

    Director Velocity Private Equity

  • Kirsty Macdonald

    Kirsty Macdonald

    Early Stage Investor JamJar Investments

  • Illann Power

    Illann Power

    Co Founder & Venture Capitalist Nohovation Partners

  • Willem Willemstein

    Willem Willemstein

    Chairman & CEO Velocity Capital BV

  • Pinar Kose Kulacz

    Pinar Kose Kulacz

    IoT Project Executive Arcelik

  • Sasha Astafyeva

    Sasha Astafyeva

    Principal Felix Capital

  • Rasmus Wolff

    Rasmus Wolff

    Investor, Advisor & Board Member RW Ventures

  • Christopher Steinau

    Christopher Steinau

    Venture Capital Investor Northzone

  • Craig Netterfield

    Craig Netterfield

    Managing Partner Columbia Lake Partners

  • Vinay Solanki

    Vinay Solanki

    Head of Commercial Growth Fund Channel 4

  • Maarten Goossens

    Maarten Goossens

    Co-founder & Principal Anterra Capital

  • Ernest Sanchez

    Ernest Sanchez

    VC Entrée Capital

  • Sanne de Jongh

    Sanne de Jongh

    VC Analyst Anterra Capital

  • John Doran

    John Doran

    General Partner TC Ventures

  • Dmitry Chikhachev

    Dmitry Chikhachev

    Managing Partner Runa Capital

  • Pedro Rocha Vieira

    Pedro Rocha Vieira

    Co-Founder & CEO Beta-i

  • Pedro Falcão

    Pedro Falcão

    Managing Partner LC Ventures

  • Willy Braun

    Willy Braun

    Co-founder Vaphni Venture Capital

  • Ana Ramos

    Ana Ramos

    Investment Manager Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures

  • Hans Janssen

    Hans Janssen

    CEO and Co-Founder WoodWing Ventures

  • Bader Alzahrani

    Bader Alzahrani

    Managing Director Endeavor

  • Shrishail Rana

    Shrishail Rana

    CEO Systweak

  • Prescott 	Watson

    Prescott Watson

    Investment Principal OurCrowd

  • Vincent van Dugteren

    Vincent van Dugteren

    Business Development Specialist Oikocredit International

  • Daria Saharova

    Daria Saharova

    Principal Vito Ventures

  • Herbert Mangesius

    Herbert Mangesius

    Associate Vito Ventures

  • Ragnar Jongen

    Ragnar Jongen

    VC DN Capital

  • Marc Wesselink

    Marc Wesselink

    Managing Director Startupbootcamp

  • Guy Ward Thomas

    Guy Ward Thomas

    Investment Manager DN Capital

  • Paul Thiekoetter

    Paul Thiekoetter

    Partner Fly Ventures

  • Irina Blomqvist

    Irina Blomqvist

    Director, Ecosystem & Ventures Cognizant Accelerator

  • Olivier Huez

    Olivier Huez

    Venture Capital Investor C4 Ventures

  • Daniil Grizenkov

    Daniil Grizenkov

    Investment Analyst Impulse VC

  • David ten Kroode

    David ten Kroode

    Renewable Energy Manager Oikocredit International

  • Paul de Leer

    Paul de Leer

    Director Digital Cognizant Accelerator

  • Henry Mason

    Henry Mason

    VC Investor Dawn Capital

  • Milda Jasaite

    Milda Jasaite

    VC Investor Earlybird Venture Capital

  • Ben Blume

    Ben Blume

    Senior Associate Atomico

  • Frank Maene

    Frank Maene

    Managing Partner Volta Ventures

  • Frank Appeldoorn

    Frank Appeldoorn

    Principal Volta Ventures

  • Sander Vonk

    Sander Vonk

    Venture Capital Investor Volta Ventures

  • Guillaume Petit

    Guillaume Petit

    Startup Scout ABC Accelerator

  • Davide Russo

    Davide Russo

    Head of Corporate Development Amazon

  • Claus Verner

    Claus Verner

    Startup Community EMEA Amazon Web Services

  • Johannes Mitterhuber

    Johannes Mitterhuber

    Strategic Investments Axel Springer Digital

  • Svetlana 	Viteva

    Svetlana Viteva

    Investment Analyst Baillie Gifford

  • Matthew	Scherba

    Matthew Scherba

    Assoc Partner Breed Reply Ventures

  • Catherine Whitecourt

    Catherine Whitecourt

    Investor Breed Reply

  • Sascha Kaddatz

    Sascha Kaddatz

    Investment Manager Capnamic Ventures

  • Laura Franses

    Laura Franses

    Head of Growth Fund Channel 4

  • Joyce Liu

    Joyce Liu

    Early Stage Tech Investor Dawn Capital

  • Maria Hertleif

    Maria Hertleif

    Strategy & Operations Digital Innovation Hub

  • Peter Hornik

    Peter Hornik

    Managing Director Digital Innovation Hub

  • Philip O’Reilly

    Philip O’Reilly

    Principal Draper Esprit

  • Vinoth Jayakumar

    Vinoth Jayakumar

    Principal Draper Esprit

  • Dilyan Dimitrov

    Dilyan Dimitrov

    Founder Eleven Ventures

  • Nir Kouris

    Nir Kouris

    Investor GKI Group

  • Philip Wilms

    Philip Wilms

    Investment Analyst Holland Venture

  • Korbinian Weisser

    Korbinian Weisser

    Senior Investment Analyst Holtzbrinck Digital

  • Eva 	de Mol

    Eva de Mol

    Investor HPE Growth Capital

  • Lucile Cornet

    Lucile Cornet

    Vice President Eight Roads Ventures

  • Ton 	Marsman

    Ton Marsman

    Informal Investing ING

  • Piotr Wilam

    Piotr Wilam

    Early Stage Investor Innovation Nest

  • Chris Murphy

    Chris Murphy

    Associate JOIN Capital

  • Robert Verwaayen

    Robert Verwaayen

    GP Keen Venture Partners

  • Alexander Ribbink

    Alexander Ribbink

    General Partner Keen Venture Partners

  • Itschak Friedman

    Itschak Friedman

    Venture Partner LionBird Ventures

  • Alexei Tuknov

    Alexei Tuknov

    Investment Director Maxfield Capital

  • Lee 	Clancy

    Lee Clancy

    SVP Naspers Ventures

  • Rehber Lookman

    Rehber Lookman

    Investment Manager Nauta Capital

  • David Smejkal

    David Smejkal

    Associate Nauta Capital

  • Marc Gasser

    Marc Gasser

    Venture Capital Analyst Omnes Capital

  • Carla Maree Vella

    Carla Maree Vella

    CEO/COO Optimizer Invest

  • Nick Kalliagkopoulos

    Nick Kalliagkopoulos

    Growth Equity Investor Prime Ventures

  • Mila	Cramer

    Mila Cramer

    Investment Team Project A Ventures

  • Kei 	Hareyama

    Kei Hareyama

    CEO, Founder Rock Climbing Partners

  • Dmitry Galperin

    Dmitry Galperin

    Investment Director Runa Capital

  • Markus Grundmann

    Markus Grundmann

    Partner Senovo

  • Florian Weber

    Florian Weber

    Growth Investments SevenVentures

  • Romain Sautrau

    Romain Sautrau

    Co Founder StartupFarmers

  • Floris Jan Zwijnen

    Floris Jan Zwijnen

    Client Advisor UBS Wealth Management

  • Hugo Bongers

    Hugo Bongers

    Head Digital Impact Fund ABN AMRO Bank

  • Bart Buijs

    Bart Buijs

    Investment Manager HAL Investments

  • Arno Buttiens

    Arno Buttiens

    Associate HAL Investments

  • Mick Mackaay

    Mick Mackaay

    Analyst henQ Invest

  • Jan Andriessen

    Jan Andriessen

    Associate Partner HENQ Invest

  • Ilonka Jankovich

    Ilonka Jankovich

    Venture Partner Randstad Innovation Fund

  • Bogdana Gamburg

    Bogdana Gamburg

    Dealflow Manger Vertical

  • Sebastien Granelli

    Sebastien Granelli

    Head of Portfolio, Co-Founder Vertical

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