Watch this guy nearly get mowed down in Tesla Autopilot test

After the recent roll out of version 8 of Tesla’s Autopilot software, humans can breathe easy. The new system leans heavily on radar for obstacle detection and is the first that will meets Level 5 autonomy specifications, according to Elon Musk. Put simply, it’s capable of fully autonomous driving, although Musk and Tesla aren’t going to allow that just yet.

Aside from a handful of accidents, Tesla’s were already remarkably capable of driving themselves. Only recently thought did the company break through the Level 5 autonomy barrier. Each new software release puts us a step closer to an entirely automated driving experience and one that’s nearly 100 percent safe for humans — both driving and outside the car.

The following video details just what the heavier reliance on radar means for human avoidance.

In it, you’ll see two guys performing a total of seven of tests at varying speeds. It starts with the Tesla slowing and coming to a complete stop once it detects the man standing in the road. Perhaps more impressive, the car did this again as the man walked into the lane from the side of the road in a later test.

In the fifth test though, it appears the wheels came off a bit, so to speak. The Model X appears to slow down, but it would have failed to stop before hitting the man. So, maybe there’s a bit more work to be done.

via BGR

Tesla Model S Collision Avoidance HUMAN TEST! on YouTube

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