Canadian retailer SSENSE taps WireWAX to let fashionistas shop direct from a music video

Canadian retailer SSENSE taps WireWAX to let fashionistas shop direct from a music video

We first covered UK-based startup wireWAX and the intelligent video movement back in September. To give you a quick recap, wireWAX is a Web-based, motion-tracking taggable video tool which allows video-creators to add clickable hotspots to their films.

Having previously partnered with brands such as EMI, Tommy Hilfiger, Oki-Ni and Rip Curl, wireWAX teamed up with Nike back in January to take the sporting giant into the clickable video sphere, with an interactive Nike Look Book and ‘shoppable’ video experience.

Following the success of these previous campaigns, WireWax is now teaming up with SSENSE, one of Canada’s biggest online luxury apparel and accessory retailers, to bring intelligent video to its latest marketing efforts. The result? An interactive, music video ‘look book’ which flaunts its fashion and accessory range, worn by some well-known hip-hop artists.

Featured in this campaign is the musical duo FKI – known for their collaborations with Tyga and Ludacris; Iggy Azalea, and acclaimed music producer Diplo (Beyonce, Usher and MIA, to name a few).

The clothing and accessories worn by the featured artists become shoppable directly from the video. A little ‘S’ appears atop a scene when some of the clothing on display is available for sale, you just hover your mouse until ‘Shop This Look’ pops up, and then click.

“This is the first time the worlds of music, fashion and commerce have truly overlapped,” says SSENSE CEO Rami Atallah. “The integration we are introducing between technology, entertainment and retail with this video not only creates a unique experience for the audience, but also has utility. People often wonder what performers are wearing, where they can purchase that item – we have bridged that gap.”

WireWax | SSENSE

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