Canada’s love of apps fuels television’s App Central

Canada’s love of apps fuels television’s App Central

We’ve reported earlier on the iOS marketplace in Canada, and it’s no surprise that Canadians’ love affair with apps has turned into more of a long-standing relationship. I mean, there’s even a television show that focuses on them.

App Central describes itself as a “weekly television series exploring the creative and explosive world of mobile apps” that airs on BNN & CP24. It is hosted by Amber MacArthur and Michael Hainsworth, with tech reporter Kris Abel also lending a hand to the proceedings. MacArthur in particular is very well known on the web for her many appearances on the TWiT network and as an accomplished speaker and writer (she recently penned the top-selling social media book Power Friending).

The show, launched in late March of this year and with its second season pegged to start airing in September, offers segments that focuses on apps from various mobile platforms, and it’s great to see what is usually reserved for online video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo come to a more “traditional” medium. And since Canadians really aren’t cutting cable from their lives all that drastically (yet), a show like App Central really bridges the gap for smartphone users of generations that are used to consuming content on the television sets as opposed their laptops.

App Central sets out to help users figure out what apps they’d find useful, as there are literally thousands to choose from. If you’re looking for a show that can offers insight into the ever-growing world of “the app” and you’re one of the Canadians who haven’t cut cable from their lives…well, there’s a show for that. And it’s well worth checking out.

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