RIM loses another top employee to Samsung

RIM loses another top employee to Samsung

With all of the restructuring of leadership going on at Research in Motion these days, it looks as if some of the bigger players in the company are jumping off what very well may be a sinking ship. According to a report from Mobile Syrup, Ryan Bidan, Senior Product Manager at RIM, has left to join Samsung.

The report, which also highlights a personal tweet sent by Bidan earlier today, is going to be Samsung’s Director of Product Marketing. He’s already updated his LinkedIn profile page to further illustrate his new position as shown below, courtesy of the Crackberry blog.

Bidan was a Senior Product Manager for RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook team but has now jumped ship and joined Samsung. He’ll take on the role of  Director of Product Marketing. He will be joining another former RIM employee at Samsung headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Brian Wallace, who was VP of Digital Marketing and Media, left RIM for Samsung just one month ago.

And they’re not the only ones in high profile positions to have left RIM in recent months. RIM’s old CMO, Keith Pardy, departed in March, followed by Paul Kalbfleisch, RIM’s VP of Brand Creativity. While a restructuring of RIM that was going to result in a “headcount reduction” over the next several months was expected, it appears as if some of the heads are reducing themselves rather than waiting for the axe to fall.

Or for the ship to sink.

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