Election Signs 2.0: QR codes spotted on campaign signage

Election Signs 2.0: QR codes spotted on campaign signage

Canada’s upcoming election is drawing more interest than ever on social media websites, and the addition of QR codes to election signage was just a matter of time.

BlogTO posted a picture of Toronto-Danforth Liberal candidate Andrew Lang’s campaign sign, and a large QR code is placed in the upper right corner. The codes are only being used on the larger campaign signs meant for placement on lawns, but even with that limited exposure, Lang’s office has had a lot of people asking about it. They’ve also seen a few related tweets and posts to the campaign’s Facebook page.

QR codes have been gaining in popularity among the tech-savvy for some time, but they’ve been popping up in the mainstream recently. Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has used it to attract viewers to exclusive online content and print magazines have been publishing them as well. The fact they’ve begun to appear on election signs really isn’t a surprise, especially as social media is becoming more and more influential in politics.

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