HTC Desire HD: Review and Canadian Giveaway

HTC Desire HD: Review and Canadian Giveaway

The HTC Desire HD launched in Canada last month on the Telus network, bringing Canucks another sweet Android-powered device.

When the device hit Canada, we quickly got our hands on the new phone and as far as this Canadian is concerned it’s a seriously cool device for media junkies. HTC Desire HD sports a huge 4.3 inch high-definition touch screen, which is almost an inch larger than the iPhone 4 but it’s unbelievable what a difference an inch makes while watching media.

The exterior is somewhat similar to the HTC Desire Z although it’s a lot thinner without the flip-out keyboard offered in the Z model. Its aluminum unibody design is quite sexy and feels solid to hold — it’s not  plasticy or cheap-looking.

On the back of the device, there’s an 8MP camera with built-in duel flash, capable of capturing video at 720p. The image quality was quite decent and with HTC Sense, users are able to easily tweak the camera settings to adjust things such as brightness, contrast and colour.

HTC Desire HD weighs in at 64 grams and it’s the largest smart phone I’ve personally ever held, which is both a benefit and a possible drawback. While watching media, playing games and surfing the web is fantastic on the 4.3 inch screen, it also felt unusually large to hold. This will obviously depend on the size of your palm and I should note that I do have rather tiny hands.

The device is powered by Android 2.2 and comes with HTC Sense, HTC’s intuitive user interface built on top of the Android OS. HTC Sense has a variety of built-in widgets, social apps and themes specifically designed for work, play, travel and social-types. Another cool feature of HTC Sense “Leap” enables users to receive an expose-like preview of every homescreen by using a pinch-to-zoom gesture on the screen.

HTC Desire HD brings an immersive experience to users with its beautiful super-sized screen. While test driving the device, using apps, watching video and browsing the web, it was overall pretty darn fast. The device ships with an 8GB microSD card and it’s available through Telus for $0 on a 3 year contract, $499.99 outright (with no contract).

HTC Desire HD Giveaway

Thanks to HTC, we’re able to giveaway a bag of goodies that includes the HTC Desire HD device, exclusively for our Canadian readers.

HTC Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win a HTC Desire HD in just two simple steps:

1. Follow TNW Canada on Twitter


2. Post a photo of your favourite “Canadian moment” to Twitter coupled with this hashtag: #TNWca

The image can contain anything you like.. a hockey game or your favourite Tim Horton’s store, just make sure it’s a “Canadian moment”. The contest will end on Sunday, April 10th 2011 at midnight and we’ll be announcing the winner on Monday (April 11th) via Twitter.

Please note that the pics may be used on You must have the rights to post any submitted material.  We should also note that the HTC Desire HD we’re giving away is currently locked to the Canadian Telus network.

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