Future Shop to offer $5 coupons for your scratched-up DVDs

Future Shop to offer $5 coupons for your scratched-up DVDs

Future Shop, Canada’s largest electronics retailer is launching a promotion tomorrow that will enable customers to trade in their DVDs for Blu-ray movie coupons.

The new Trade & Save program, will allow customers to bring in their DVDs to receive a $5 discount towards selected Blu-ray titles.

The applicable titles will be clearly labelled with “Trade & Save” stickers and will limit customers 20 DVD trade ins per day until May 5th. Unfortunately, the $5 Blu-ray coupons cannot be combined — it’s one coupon per title.

We had a chance to speak with Future Shop today and they told us the new program doesn’t discriminate against the condition of your DVDs. The rep said based on her corporate memo, customers do not need a case for the DVD nor does it need to be scratch free — stores will be accepting anything as long as it isn’t a burnt copy. The rep additionally mentioned that boxsets will only be counted as one DVD.

Whether your DVDs have been used as frisbies or coasters, Future Shop will take them “as is” at any one of its 146 stores across Canada –even if they no longer work. The Future Shop plans to recycle the DVDs.

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