Tynt: A free service that helps you keep visitors at your site

Tynt: A free service that helps you keep visitors at your site

Tynt, a product from a Canadian startup in Calgary is an analytics tool for publishers but it also ensures content creators receive credit for their work by attaching a back-link to any information that is copied from their site.

Since we wrote about Tynt last month, it now has over 600,000 publishers on board, which goes to show that publishers find great value in understanding the patterns and behaviours of their visitors.

The Tynt service can be added to a site by simply pasting some java script within your site’s code, and by doing so, you’ll have access to information such as where your content is being pasted or distributed (email, Twitter, Facebook). And as we’d mentioned, if a user attempts to take some data from the site, it will automatically paste a link directing back to your original content or article. As of July 2010, Tynt had begun to see 10 million copy and pastes per day from publisher’s sites.


Tynt has just released a new feature called Keywords. The tool answers the question “What are my visitors searching for after they leave my site?”, an answer that can help publishers understand how to retain visitors. As an example, if you posted an article on electric cars and you noticed within the outbound keywords that many of your visitors were leaving to search Tesla, a manufacturer of electric cars, you’d know what your readers are interested in and you could then adjust your content accordingly.

Tynt Keywords display both inbound and outbound keywords (top 20 topics) that are updated every hour, and as Tynt stated on its blog, by comparing the outbound and inbound keywords, publishers will be able to clearly see the “gaps in their SEO strategies” because the Keywords tool will highlight if the right type of users are receiving the right content.

As depicted in the screenshot below, the tool assists users in understanding keyword activity and prompts publishers to adjust things like cross-links to other posts if the outbound keywords contains content you’ve already posted.

Tynt Keywords

Overall, this new feature provides users with critical data that brings transparency to why people are visiting your site and how to keep them reading longer. Users can sign-up to Tynt for free at its site.

If you knew the patterns of what your users were leaving your site to find, couldn’t you use that information? -Tynt

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