Canadians! You’re Going to Want This Little Gizmo

Digital Frame

Digital FrameRogers Communications, the major telecommunications company in Canada has just partnered with Pandigital bringing a new innovative way to manage digital frames.

Pandigital, a leading player in the digital frame space is using technology called Rogers M2M QuickLink. It’s a wireless platform for manufacturers that grants access to Rogers network assets and back-end development tools. The technology works over GSM and enables products to integrate wireless connectivity like the kind we’re seeing in this new generation of digital frame.

Although the frames aren’t out in Canada until early next year, the vague description they provided goes like this:

The digital frame comes with a dedicated email address where the images are sent. Anyone can send images to the email address and users can optionally share the frames’ email with multiple users. When an image is accepted through the email account it sounds as though the pictures are instantly sent to the digital frame. If this process is correct, users can throw images on the frame from anywhere the Rogers network is available.

In short, Roger’s new machine to machine technology ( Rogers M2M QuickLink ) is helping machines speak to each other. This technology inches us closer to our geeky-dreams of connecting our everyday devices to our network. In my ideal super-connected world, my digital frames or fridge would all send me daily status updates, and order me milk when I run out. Manufacturers can begin utilizing these tools by going to the M2M developer kit on the Rogers site. It includes 3 test SIM cards, real-time tools and access to the API sand box to develop.

While we have no cost on the frame, I wouldn’t be surprised if this product is used as a promotion tool to attract new customers to Rogers wireless 3-year contract in the future. And as we mentioned, it will be launched in Canada sometime early next year.

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