Chatter Coming to HootSuite Chatter Coming to HootSuite

HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes demo-ed one of the upcoming apps that will be available to HootSuite users via the new App Directory: Chatter and Lead Scoring from

Both application are intended to work within HootSuite to give sales teams a centralized view of what is going on with all the salespeople, clients, and other facets of the sales process.

These apps are still only previews and won’t be available until next year (so don’t try to go looking for them now), but there is an interesting twist to this that might get more teams trying this new collaboration and communications tools. Remember, Chatter is going freemium soon.

While I don’t have details on how the HootSuite App Directory apps will be made available or if the free version of Chatter will hook into HootSuite, the prospect is pretty tantalizing.

Imagine having a team chat built into your regular information tool? At TNW we, of course, have lots of tools to help us keep up with the news. Twitter is just one of them, but we have a backchannel as well. We’re always looking for new solutions to explore. Maybe SalesHootChatterSuite might be just the ticket.

Disclosure: I was upgraded to a HootSuite Pro plan by HootSuite to allow me to test new features.

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