Launch Party 10 In Their Own Words: OpenCal

Launch Party 10 In Their Own Words: OpenCal

How many times have you had just a minute to make an appointment, like for a haircut or get your car fixed or whatever and you couldn’t get the place on the line? Then when you remember again it’s at 10 PM and you can’t call to talk with them … or you have to leave a voicemail and play phone tag? Right me too, tons. Stopping what I have to do to book an appointment is just one thing I just wish I could do online, well maybe thanks to OpenCal, I won’t have to much longer:

OpenCal‚We’ve spent the past year and a half building OpenCal – the web’s most beautiful and easy-to-use online appointment system. With OpenCal, service-based businesses (think hair salons, massage therapists, anyone that sells their time) can receive appointments online 24/7, manage their staff’s schedules, track clients, create insightful reports, and lots of other cool things.

So let’s hear from this next Launch Party 10 Vancouver startup, in their own words:

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