Launch Party 10 In Their Own Words: Foodtree

Launch Party 10 In Their Own Words: Foodtree

Next up in our series of “In their own words” interviews for Launch Party 10 is Foodtree. Here is the elevator pitch version of what they do:

Foodtree—Foodtree helps you discover where your food is from and connects you directly with the source, so you can feel confident about the food you buy. Just like a family tree, a Foodtree traces the origins of your food from the farm, ocean or forest right to your table. For example, a quick search on Foodtreecan tell you not only where you can buy the freshest local salmon in your area but also provide you with detailed information on the fisherman, who caught it. With Foodtree, transparent (or reliable) and relevant food information is finally at your fingertips.

Knowing where your food came from used to be an easy thing, now, not so much. Picking and deciding what food you’ll eat isn’t just a matter or organic or conventional. If an organic banana has to travel thousands of miles to get to you, is that carbon footprint worth the lack of chemicals? Is it better to eat local or as local as you can?

Well, Foodtree wants to help you decide with learning where the food you’re being served in restaurants is coming from…let’s hear in their own words:

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