Geotoko pulls your business’ location deals into one place

Geotoko pulls your business’ location deals into one place

If you’re a business that wants to capitalize on Facebook Places, Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp and all the other location based services you face two big challenges: claiming your locations on multiple services and managing the deals offered on multiple services. Geotoko saw this problem and has hit it head on with their service:

Geotoko—Geotoko is a promotional campaign management platform for geo-location based services. By leveraging existing API’s that provide checkin functionality (foursquare, gowalla, twitter, etc…), Geotoko help businesses engage their customers.  By creating simple self serve tools to create, manage and track promotional campaigns and reward loyal costumers, Geotoko aims to reduce the friction for businesses to get into the growing geo-location trend.  We’ll be officially launching our app at LPV.

Just like the daily deal aggregators, except Geotoko is first out of the gate on this I think, Geotoko saw that there is money to be made in offering businesses not only a way to streamline their work, but also provide much sought-after data on deals. Which deals work on which services? Are there better days and times to offer something? Do men use one location service more than women do? These are important questions if you want to take advantage of all that Foursquare and Facebook Places have to offer. This is what Adarsh says about Geotoko:

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