Find a clinic or caregiver when you need them with ClinicBook

Find a clinic or caregiver when you need them with ClinicBook

When you’re sick and have to go to a walk-in clinic, waiting for hours is really the last thing you want to be doing. If you have kids (either as the sick ones or in tow), yeah the pain levels start increasing by orders of magnitude pretty darn quickly. This is the problem ClinicBook is out to solve: find the clinic closest to you with the shortest wait time.

ClinicBook—Clinicbook is a local health care website that helps over 60 000 Canadians each month find health care in a convenient and timely manner through consumer reviews and its up-to-date search directory. After launching the feature where the live wait time at walk-in clinics is displayed, Clinicbook will be demoing its online booking system for dental appointments in Greater Vancouver.

Getting clinic wait times is pretty slick, but like OpenCal and Xkey I talked about earlier, ClinicBook also want to work with other healthcare professionals like dentists, massage therapists, eye doctors, etc to help you book appointments more easily. Maybe you need an appointment fast (like for a dental emergency) or you just want to book online instead of calling around.  Either way, this is a pretty slick idea.

Here is what Winnie said about ClinicBook when I talked to her:

I think the calendar and online booking pattern is unmistakable here. People want to book more things online. We do it for travel, more and more we’re even ordering food online, why not booking appointments for the things we do day to day? There are some differences here both OpenCal and XKey have systems that businesses will have to buy into and adapt to, on the other hand ClinicBook is tapping into the electronic clinic management software itself. Clinics and offices don’t have to change how they do things, they just have to keep doing what they do. That might be the big difference that could push ClinicBook ahead of the pack.

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