Like to unbox? Could be worth $2500 from Best Buy

Like to unbox? Could be worth $2500 from Best Buy

Gadget geeks love to do unboxing sessions when getting something new. Maybe it’s just in pictures, maybe it’s video, but whatever form it takes, it’s fun. Thanks to Best Buy Canada, it could be profitable too…

Yeah you can win stuff for great unboxing videos.

Through a special Best Buy Facebook page you can submit your videos between now and December 31st. First you’ll have to Like Best Buy (which I actually do) and add the Best Buy app to your Facebook to get to the point where you can upload your videos.

The Facebook page gives those boring contest details, but let’s talk prizes first, up for grabs are:

  • 2 $2500 Best Buy gift cards
  • 3 $150 gift cards in the early bird drawn until Dec 1st
  • 3 $150 gift cards for just entering
  • 3 $150 cards to people who vote on the videos

Nice! Voting starts December 1st.

Yes, you have to be Canadian to enter, so we might not be able to get Facebook Messaging yet, but we can win stuff.

Disclosure: The author contributes to the the Future Shop Tech Blog. Future Shop is a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary of Best Buy Canada. And Future Shop will be miffed that I’m talking about this. Probably.

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