Canadians Will Have to Wait for Facebook Messages Revmap

Canadians Will Have to Wait for Facebook Messages Revmap

Even for a self-professed Facebook curmudgeon, I made sure I tuned in to learn about what Facebook’s new messaging announcement would be all about. Fine, although I agree with Brad that it’s just “meh” (which also turned out to be the sound bite the CBC used in their interview with me about it), that didn’t stop me from requesting an invite, though I guess I should have just waited:

“It is important to note that this is a US-only announcement and the International rollout will happen over time. As we get closer to the product release in Canada, we will update you,” was the message from Facebook’s Canadian PR representative Victoria Freeman.

via Facebook’s new Messages not available in Canada – Digital Life.

I should have guessed as much.

You might be wondering if I’ll even bother claiming/trying Facebook’s new Messaging system…

Darn tooting I will be!

For the same reason I claim my name on new social media services…It’s about claiming my name-space. So as soon as I can, I’ll be grabbing [email protected]—and here’s to hoping it’s already reserved for me because that’s my vanity URL…

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