HootSuite Adds Facebook Analytics to Its Social Media Dashboard

HootSuite Adds Facebook Analytics to Its Social Media Dashboard

While Facebook might be a great place for connecting, building networks, and marketing, sometimes easy access to information like the make up of your fans can be elusive. Until now. Tonight after a rather cryptic tweet

HootSuite is taking a 10 minute break shortly to add some new tools and treats ~ please stand by and resume Hoot-ing shortly ^DO

HootSuite unveiled their new Facebook analytics tool—Facebook Insights:

You’ll see charts displaying:

  • New fans to your Page
  • Demographics including: region, age, gender
  • Amount of Page comments
  • Number of “likes”
  • New discussions
  • Number of new wall posts

You’ll also see historical comparisons to see which way your pages are trending. And, like other stats in HootSuite, you can create a printable report to share with your colleagues, clients and executives.

via HootSuite blog – Social Media Dashboard » Facebook Insights ~ HootSuite Adds New Ways to Analyze.

All you have to do is add your Facebook Pages (not Groups) to your HootSuite account and then from the “Owl Menu” choose Stats -> Facebook Insights. Since this feature is so new, not many of us have had a chance to play with it, however I think it’s safe to say that the colorful charts and loads of data will be warmly received by social media wonks.

One thing I figured out tonight while playing with Facebook Insights is that the Page admin has to add you as a user/team member within HootSuite to see a Pages data. For example I can post and manage on TNW Canada’s page, but I can’t see the data as yet.

Regardless…great for HootSuite to have this add on. As for some other interesting bits in the post about HootSuite Pro, and HootSuite Enterprise. I think I need to see what little birdies tell me about those before I post here.

Update: A question came in overnight from Adam Cranfield over Twitter:

@Zee are the hootsuite facebook insights the same as facebook gives u or have they added functionality?

So we pinged HootSuite Community Manager Dave Olson this morning and he got right back to us with the answer:

@trishussey @Zee @adamcranfield [HootSuite] doesn’t display more data but presents it in a more lovely manner and within dashboard

Thanks Dave…and yes, I’d agree, they are lovely.

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