Netflix Shows Up on Xbox 360s in Canada

Netflix Shows Up on Xbox 360s in Canada

At the September launch of Netflix in Canada, the PS3 app was available, Wiis needed a disc (which I received a couple days after I canceled my free trial), and Xbox 360 was “coming soon.” Today is the “coming soon” day, Netflix has announced that the streaming service is now available in Canada for Xbox 360 users through Xbox LIVE:

“Xbox 360 is a significant addition to a growing number of consumer electronic devices that are capable of streaming from Netflix in Canada,” said Greg Peters, vice president of product development for Netflix. “Netflix members in the United States enjoy instantly watching movies streamed from Netflix on Xbox LIVE and we think that our Canadian members will equally enjoy this enriched experience and the convenience and value that it offers.”

Starting today, Xbox LIVE members will be able to sign up instantly online for a free trial of Netflix, connect to the Internet on their Xbox 360 and simply click on Netflix in the Video Marketplace on the Xbox 360 Dashboard and follow the easy steps to start streaming thousands of movies and TV shows. In addition, Xbox LIVE subscribers will be able to access the Netflix movie and TV library through Windows Phone 7.

via NETFLIX, INC. | Movies and TV Shows Streamed Instantly From Netflix to the TV Debut on Xbox 360 in Canada.

Xbox 360 Netflix subscribers in Canada, let me know if you’re seeing this yet on your consoles and how well it’s working.

Hat tip to Digital Home.

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