HootSuite Adds OpenID Login Options

HootSuite Adds OpenID Login Options

Did you have to log back into HootSuite this morning (or last night)? Did you notice that HootSuite was down last night for a short bit? It’ all OpenID’s fault. More precisely is was HootSuite implementing OpenID into their system last night. Oh don’t worry this is a good thing:

The next time you visit HootSuite, you can optionally choose an OpenID provider to associate with your HootSuite account, plus you can always connect with your existing login information when desired.

New users can register on HootSuite with one click authentication — simply login with your preferred OpenID credentials and your HootSuite account is provisioned on-the-fly. So if you’re onboard with Google, great. A full-blown Yahooigan? Covered. A Mixi member? No Problem. Have a MyOpenID? It’s all good.

via HootSuite blog – Social Media Dashboard » Just Hatched ~ Connect to HootSuite with OpenID Providers.

Simply put, OpenID lets you use one login (and the associated information) for more than one service. My service of choice is Google, but HootSuite supports several other OpenID providers.

OpenID is the latest nice bit of tech that HootSuite is feathering their nest with, though I’m still waiting for the iPad app to be approved.

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