Justin Bieber is the most retweeted user on Twitter

Justin Bieber is the most retweeted user on Twitter

According to Klout, Justin Bieber is Twitter’s most retweeted user:Top 10 Most Retweeted Twitter Users: The Official Klout Blog:

Yes, although there is an American flag, next to his name, Justin is a Canadian (Klout acknowledges this buts says most of the RTs are from the U.S.). I think this bit of data confirms what has been tossed around for a while now: Twitter is mainstream.

Twitter isn’t the world of tech geeks. I don’t think Scoble, Mike Arrington, even Matt Mullenweg get get even close to these levels of RTs. I think it’s also telling that 4 of the 10 are not only outside of the U.S. (personally I think He Shall Not Be Named should have a U.K. flag), but non-english as well. Twitter isn’t about geeks anymore, it’s about everyone. Which is great, though I’m not sure if I should apologize on behalf of all of Canada for Justin Bieber…

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