Canadian Prices on New MacBook Airs: $1049-$1649 ($50 more)

Canadian Prices on New MacBook Airs: $1049-$1649 ($50 more)

Here at TNW we were all in rapt attention watching the Back to the Mac Apple event today. Brad has the wrap up post , while I was covering the action for Future Shop. So as we all know now, Apple has released the new line of 13.3 and 11.6 in MacBook Airs. Yep, they are spiffy. No question that I could certainly put one to good use. The question in Canada after all these great Apple announcements is how much these awesome products will cost and when we will get them. For the new MacBook Airs, yep they are available now in Canada and here are the prices:

Basically just $50 across the board. Yes, I know with the Canadian dollar nearly at par with the US dollar any difference in price is odd, but there you go. For those of us in B.C. heading down to Washington State (where we don’t have to pay sales tax) might not be a bad idea.

As for iLife ’11, still $49. Yep US or Canadian dollars, it’s just $49. In this case folks in the US might be able to save a couple bucks picking up the iLife upgrade, if they happen to be in Canada already.

Will you be buying a new MacBook Air? Is it the device for you? As we talked about on the podcast today, there are some questions about who this machine is targeted towards and who would use it. For me, I’d consider one if I replaced my MacBook Pro with an iMac and still needed a laptop to use out and about…

Or maybe just get a souped up iPad…

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