HootSuite for iPhone Updated with Autocomplete Usernames and More

HootSuite for iPhone Updated with Autocomplete Usernames and More

Only a week after making it free, HootSuite has updated its iPhone app with some spiffy new features:

What’s New In Version Release

New Features:

– Unread count badge in Streams view for Mentions & Direct Messages

– Auto complete @ usernames in Compose view

– Friendship status table in User view

– User list memberships added to List tab in User view

– Added block / unblock / report spammer option in User view

– Auto #hashtag population for #hashtag search streams

via HootSuite for Twitter for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Since I had been using the native Twitter app on my iPhone since I got it, wanted to give HootSuite a good try over the past week. Regardless of my bias towards the folks there (I’m friends with all of them), I do have to say that HootSuite for iPhone is a solid app. On my iPhone I don’t do a lot of Twitter reading. I mostly check for DMs and mentions. The new update will let me know not just if I have any new mentions or DMs but how many since I last checked. Yes, it does get a wee out of sync if you’re looking at several different apps on several different devices. Personally I think that’s just life. Yes, it would be cool if the apps “knew” what I saw in various places, but I think that might be asking a bit much.

Or maybe not.

Regardless you can get the updated HootSuite for iPhone now from the App Store

The iPad app is coming out very, very soon I’m told. Since I’ve been using the native Twitter app on my iPad for a while (and do like it) I’m really interested to see what HootSuite has up its sleeve for the iPad. Will it be mutlicolumn or more like the native Twitter apps? I don’t think we’ll have long to find out.

To recap for the week:

Have I missed anything?

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