Pitch me!

Pitch me!

So you’re a cool Canadian tech startup and are doing something cool or interesting. Or maybe you’re one of the “old timers” on the tech scene and have something big planned. Either way, I have a question for you:

Why haven’t you told me?

Sure, TNW Canada might be new on the scene, but I’m not new to this biz. You might remember me from Pimp Your Work, Maple Leaf 2.0, or Blognation Canada or maybe one of my other blogs I’ve run in the past. What am I interested in?

If it runs on a website, a mobile device, or a computer I’m interested.

Is that all?

Okay, if it helps people do their jobs better, I’m interested (the lifehacks kinds of things)



My beat is Canadian tech, so I’m pretty open to just about everything related. Product reviews? You bet.

If you want to reach me, email is best: tris [at] thenextweb [dot] com. Yes, of course I have Skype and phone, but email let’s me have a nice record. If you’re emailing me things, really the more the better. Pictures, docs, info … you know the usual.

Of course I love exclusives and will honor embargoes if you have something you are tying with a launch.

Last thing, if you’d like to advertise here on TNW Canada, I’ll have that information up soon.

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