Let the owl be free! HootSuite mobile apps are now free!

Let the owl be free! HootSuite mobile apps are now free!

As I told you last week, Twitter app maker HootSuite has made their Android and iOS apps free. I’ve downloaded the app and now instead of being limited to just three social networks, I can now add Foursquare and Facebook to my account. All my regular HootSuite settings from the web app imported smooth as silk. If you have HootSuite Lite, you’ll need to delete that app and go download the updated, free, full version for your device (Android, iOS) to enjoy all the full app fun.

Today’s blog post about the update and releasing of the free app points out that while the app doesn’t have ads or promoted tweets now, they might come in the future, but people who bought the app before won’t be affected; they’re experience will remain ad free (because that’s what they paid for).

Is this a smart move on HootSuite’s part? Well it’s a required move in order to be able to roll out HootSuite Pro. If you want people to pay for a “pro” service, having a different experience on the mobile version vs web wouldn’t be acceptable.

So now while we wait for the unveiling of HootSuite Pro, we can enjoy all the power of the HootSuite mobile app.

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