Entercom Picks Strutta to Run Its Radio Station Contests

Entercom Picks Strutta to Run Its Radio Station Contests

We all like to win stuff. Radio stations like to have contests and give stuff away (so do I in fact), the problem is that running contests can be a rather large pain in the tush. Vancouver’s Strutta has built a contest platform that makes the process much less painful. Already pretty popular, Strutta has another feather in its cap: The 110 station radio network operated by Entercom has chosen Strutta as their contest platform for all its stations.

Entercom tried out Strutta for a few of the stations in the network and now Strutta is the choice for all the stations across the U.S. in the network.

Running a contest with Strutta starts at $500 for the basic version and $2500 for the pro version, but you can try and set up the contest for free. If you’re interested in running a contest, give them a shout. If you are running a contest for a charity, don’t hesitate to contact them; the folks at Strutta have a great record for helping and supporting good causes.

Hat tip to Radio-info.com

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