Introducing TNW Canada and Its Humble Editor Tris Hussey

Introducing TNW Canada and Its Humble Editor Tris Hussey

So we’ve launched The Next Web Canada, but just who is this guy writing here? Well, I’m Tris and I’m a blogger. I was, in fact, Canada’s first professional blogger hired by Darren Barefoot and Jeremy Wright to work for Inside Blogging in late 2004. The rest, as they say, is history. Well here is the history…

In addition to blogging on several facets of tech (including wireless and chips, which I still can’t believe I was able to actually write cogently about), I worked for Qumana Software (which makes a blog editor of the same name) where I was the Chief Blogging Officer, Director of Qumana Services, and a variety of other things that essentially meant I kept the blog going and tried to keep the users happy. From Qumana I’ve worked for b5media, first as a blogger, then much later as the training manager and author of Maple Leaf 2.0 (which covered Canadian tech as you can imagine). I’ve also been a partner in the blogging agency One by One Media/Bloggers for Hire and the ill-fated Blognation. I’ve had the great pleasure to meet and work with many folks in the industry, who I hope to introduce you to here. I’ve also had the privilege to speak are conferences all across North America on…well almost everything to do with tech, social media, and WordPress.

My expertise lies in many facets of social media, collaboration technologies, WordPress, photography, gadgets, and essentially any tech I set my mind to learning. When I’m not working on books, or writing blog posts, I also teach at UBC. My first book, Create Your Own Blog, came out in January of this year and my second book, Using WordPress, came out mid-September. My third book, Teach Yourself Foursquare, will be out late 2010 or early 2011. Just to keep things interesting I contribute to the Future Shop Tech blog, because who doesn’t want to write about all of this cool stuff!

You can read my personal blog at TrisHusseyDotCom, follow me on Twitter, find me on FacebookLinkedIn, Flickr, and of course Foursquare. I live in beautiful Vancouver with my lovely wife, who also happens to be a real-life professional opera singer with Vancouver Opera.

Now that you know about me, I hope you introduce yourself, follow me on Twitter (The Next Web Canada as well as me), and if you have a juicy tip or bit of news…zap it along to tris [at] thenextweb [dot] com.

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