Toronto Transit Commission Launches Mobile Site for Transit System

Toronto Transit Commission Launches Mobile Site for Transit System

Transit riders in Toronto now have an mobile version of the TTC website to check transit info while on the go. The new site launched Friday as part of a larger TTC tech initiative that will expand the trip planner and eventually be part of the Open Data initiative so applications like Google Transit can get updated information.

The new TTC site can be found at, and you can see a screenshot of the homepage on the right. All the basic options are there to check routes and maps. The trip planner (below) let’s you map out your  trip from start to finish an includes not only the basic info, but also stop numbers and walking times/distances.

The TTC announcement indicates that there is far more to come, including numbering all the bus stops around the city. I hope the TTC add features like being able to know when the next bus or streetcar is coming (a very handy feature that we already have here in Vancouver). I guess I’m a little surprised that Toronto didn’t have a mobile version of the transit site already, but now they do.

If you’re a TTC rider, give the site a shot and let me know what you think. Ping me at tris [at] thenextweb [dot] com or @TheNextWebCA on Twitter.

Streetcar image by TMAB2003 from Flickr

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