iPad as tool for accessibility, just ask Glenda Watson Hyatt

iPad as tool for accessibility, just ask Glenda Watson Hyatt

Glenda Watson Hyatt (Photo credit: Karen Putz)

For anyone who thinks the iPad is just some kind of over-priced, hipster toy, I want you to stop and read this post from my friend Glenda Watson Hyatt:

While killing six hours at the O’Hare airport, I discovered that holding the iPad in the portrait position yet sideways on my lap with the small-sized keyboard parallel with my thigh, I could guide my hand along my thigh and type with my left thumb. My typing speed and accuracy was surprising; I’m curious to test if my typing speed is any faster on the iPad – that’s another post. Although I do envision myself sitting out on the deck, on the couch or comfy in bed, writing.

Then, I did something I had never done before: I went into one of the many Starbucks at O’Hare and ordered my first mocha frappuccino by myself. No misunderstanding or hand gesturing involved. It was so cool, like another door had just opened for me!

I feel like technology is finally catching up with what I truly need. The iPad as an Affordable Communicator: Initial Review

Since her first post Glenda has written a couple more posts about her thoughts on the iPad and accessibility (Follow up and another) and the post above has just be republished on the Yahoo! Accessibility Blog. What I have learned about Glenda (besides the fact she’s brilliant and funny) is her dogged determination to not let anything stop her in her quest to make the world better and more accessibile for all of us. All of us.

I remember my Dad showing me some of the first devices for quadriplegics help them use computers and communicate (on Apple IIs I might add), and I know if my Dad were alive now he’d be making sure his patients all had iPads. The world of computers has come a long, long way and I’m sure Glenda is going to be out there leading the charge.

I hope that Glenda’s hard work will pay off for others. Maybe even providing iPads to other people who need affordable devices that can do so, so much to help them connect and communicate.

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